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San Diego nutritionist personal trainer tips to control holiday fat attack.

Posted Nov 12 2008 11:46pm

It all begins around this time every year, where we find our selves rummaging through our kids Halloween buckets, or office candy jar in search of that last Reese’s Peanut butter cup. We all know you can’t just have one, so we vow to ourselves we will do better tomorrow, to justify eating those the last dozen mini Snicker bars. Tomorrow is pushed off to next week and before we know it is Thanksgiving festivities, holiday parties, then Hanukkah, Christmas and New Years eve. The end result is 9 weeks of gluttonous mayhem!

The perennial question is how do I control myself without acting antisocial and still enjoy myself? As a popular weight reduction expert and San Diego Personal Trainer for over 10 years, I struggle helping clients with this dilemma year in and year out. It all come down to lifestyle priorities and goal setting. Do you want to be the “average American that gains 7 pounds during the holiday month statistic”? How do you feel knowing that you will have to burn or diet off 25000 calories, just to get back to your pre holiday weight? Are you prepared to put in approximately 50 arduous, heart pumping, sweaty hours of working out to melt off that holiday fat with no guarantee it will come off this time? I doubt it.

Lets look at some realistic strategies to help you minimize the holiday fat attack. Give these suggestions a try and you may just be pleasantly surprised when you step on the scale come the New Years.

1. Exercise on the days you know you will be indulging - Just an hour of vigorous exercise can offset the negative ramifications of toxic holiday foods. Make the commitment to yourself to “workout so you can eat”

2. Ditch the Egg Nog - 1 Tiny cup of egg nog is 350 calories. Most people cannot have just 1 cup. Substitute some warm apple cinnamon cider instead. 1 cup is only 60 calories and the cinnamon with help stabilize your blood sugars.

3. Don’t reach for the bread basket - Did you know you can eat a days worth of calories just by noshing on bread and better. These bad boys can easily add up to 200 calories a piece. Just push the basket away.

4. Avoid the Martinis,Margarita’s and most mixed drinks - Vodka martini’s and Margarita’s can easily add up to over 350 liquid calories. Have a elegant and antioxidant rich glass of red wine for only 70 calories.

5. Eat a light snack before hitting the parties - I personally recommend string cheese and a apple which are both nutritious, contain fiber and fat which make you feel full.

6. Avoid social eating - Parties make people nervous and eat compulsively. Make yourself a plate of food and eat it slowly over a long period of time. Do not go back for a second plate.

7. Make the best of your family and friends - Although food is pivotal around holidays, it doesn’t have to be your focus. Redirect your good feeling towards laughter and cheer.

8. If you screw up its not the end of the world - Remember it not just one bad meal day that cause the weight gain it numerous back to back bad eating days that does you in. Just do your best to minimize. Your goal should be to maintain weight during these tempestuous times.

Rivak Hoffman, President of Somagenesis Health Inc, is both a Physician Assistant and Master Personal Trainer living San Diego California. His specialty is difficult weight loss, sports performance training and post rehab and conditioning.

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