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San Diego Fitness Expert discusses the 6 Diet Myths that keep you perpetually fat!

Posted Oct 31 2011 4:32pm

There is a big problem with your eating behaviors and beliefs if your religiously working out daily, and following diet rules. Even worse if your gaining weight  while exercising and dieting.  If this is you, you need to take a close look at the weight loss principles you are adhering to. It could be that diet myths are causing you to pack on the pounds.

Myth #1 As long as I eat healthy foods, calories don’t matter.

The Truth:   Get real! Whole wheat pastas, breads, pie crusts, have just as many calories as the regular wheats. The same applies to the white rice versus brown rice scenario. A higher fiber content doesn’t mean a lower caloric impact. Other high impact caloric foods such as avocados, nuts ad olive oils although heart healthy and benefical in keeping blood lipid levels at bay, pose a huge caloric impact and will lead to weight gain. Likewise with chocolate and red wines which are loaded with antioxidants, but when consumed daily can lead to added belly fat every month.  The solution is to simply pay close attention to caloric counts of all foods so you don’t go astray..

Myth #2 I can loose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.

Truth: You can probably lose  a significant amount of weight in a two week period, with extreme crash dieting, but can you sustain that caloric deficit and pace, as a lifestyle? Highly doubtful. Once you slack off, the weight will come back on like gang busters. Your body’s metabolism assures this. The healthiest weight lost is based on a 2 pound weight loss goal per week which equates to a 7000 calorie deficit or 1000 calorie decrease per day through diet and exercise combined. For a detailed diet plan and a phenomenal fat burning program schedule a consultation with the health and fitness experts at Somagenesis Health and Fitness .

Myth #3  If I exercise, I can eat as much as I want.

The truth:  Something I hear and see with clients, and this is the furthest from the truth!   For example ,if you eat 3 Chips Ahoy cookies before your work out, you just packed in 540 sugar, fat ladened calories.  This means a sever ebut kicking from your personal trainer for an hour to burn it off, but for most people who workout at a moderate tempo at the gym or perform an outdoor activity for 1 hour, you might burn off 400 calories. What will you do with the remaining extra 150 calories you packed on? The bottom line, is unless your a World Class athlete who sizzles thousands of calories per day, you will have to pay extra attention to everything you put in your mouth.  Check out this cool article   50 Ways to Cut 250 Calories .

Myth #4 Its Better to eat lots of small meals versus 3 square meals per day.

The Truth: Although eating every 3 hours keeps our metabolism slightly revved up, which leads to a slight increase in caloric burn, the caloric excess typically outweighs the metabolic burn rate, therefore leading to weight gain. Researchers at Baylor University College of Medicine have discovered that for some people eating every few hours means people are eating more calories. Adjusting glycemic impact of food and chosing Leptin friendly food can keep your metabolism peaked and hunger pangs away. To lear the science of this revolutionary eating lifestyle, contact a the nutritional experts at Somagenesis Health and Fitness. .

Myth #5 When eating out its always best to go with the salads.

Its all about the crap you put on top of the salad. Super fattening to say the least. Pecans, walnuts, dried cranberries, gorgonzola cheese, rich dressings can easily turn healthy vegetables into a 600 plus calorie belly bomber. Good examples are Pat and Oscars 1/2 Cobb Salad at 500 cals,  Panera Bread’s Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. 580 cals. Boston Pizzas Thai ChickenSalad, 1060, California Pizza Kitchen’s Bbq Chopped chicken Salad 1133 calories. All of these salads have more fat calories  than an In& Out Cheese burger which has 480 calories and far less fats. The solution?  Look at the nutritional labels on your menu before you order and contact the fitness experts at Somagenesis to help you fine tune your current diet.

Myth #6  Protein shakes  or Jamba Juice is a good healthy meal alternative.

Truth: A healthy protein shake straight up,in its pure form, without gobs of sugar, fruit, peanuts, chocolate, sugar, or oat meal is ideal for your metabolism and tissue synthesis. But,like salads, once you pile in all the tasty sweets and textured foods, your health benefit is lost! Instead you slurp down a liquid belly bomber packed with calories  The solution? Keep your protein drinks simple!   Check out these recipes..  7 healthy protein shakes that Rock..

I hope you liked this posting. Any comments or rebuttals are appreciated.  And please check out the cool video below!

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