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San Diego’s Intelligent Personal Trainer discusses the 5 causes of death of how to fix with proper nutrition and exercise

Posted Jun 10 2014 4:06am


There are numerous medical conditions that lead to death that can easily be ameliorated through proper nutrition and exercise.

- Heart disease

- Cancer

- Lung Disease

- Unintentional accidents by over medication

*From a nutrient perspective, there are three ingredients which cause these health problems.

- Corn  which is where high fructose corn syrup comes from. High Fructose Corn Syrup is a volatile hidden sugar found in most of our packaged foods.

- Soy which is used to make vegetable oils which convert to artery clogging trans fatty acids.

- Sugar Beets –  Which is an inexpensive way of making refined sugar.

JAMA -   The Journal of the American Medical Association has reported that consuming just 20% of these three nutrients WILL increase your risk of heart disease by 38%  Quite a scary fact!!

Preventable Hospital Errors: Last year 220,000 people died as a result of hospital errors. The US ranks last in health and mortality rates compared to 17 developed nations.

- Pain Killers and Anti cholesterol Statins  are the two biggest drug culprits. Patients are known to overdose on pain medicines, or acquire a debilitating muscle wasting disease called Rhabdomyolosis  with chronic use of Statins.


Chemicals and pesticides used to control insect infiltration of crops is also a big problem with death and mortality of Americans.

Specifically Roundup which is a popular insecticide used worldwide. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has reported that 30% of human antibiotic resistant illness is linked to food treated with the chemical Roundup.

Also 50% of meats sold in America harbor drug resistant bacteria from animals injected with antibiotics and hormones.

Now that you have the statistics the solutions are varied and effective from a nutritional and exercise perspective.  My recommendations are as follows:


The Right Solution:

Eliminate all simple sugars, be wary or cognizant of foods laden with high fructose corn syrup, and inflammatory gluten. Eliminate frying foods in all vegetable oils. You can substitute better oils such as coconut oil or olive oil if need be. Or better yet bake or grill your foods.This reduces calories and reduces imbedded fat in meat and poultry products. By doing this you will significantly  reduce your risk of Coranary Artery Disease, Stroke, Lung disease and numerous neurological disorders such as Multiple Sclerosis, Lou Gerhigs and myositis.

When purchasing your meats and poultry look for certified grass fed meats, antibiotic free and GMO free.  When purchasing your fruits and vegetables, spend the extra money and purchase certified organic products. More over you can purchase these products at less expensive rate at local farmers markets.

Reduce you incidence of death by following these simple steps. Don’t become a hospital mortality statistic.

For more information on how we at Somagenesis Health and Fitness can have a positive skin on your life through nutrition, fitness programs or rehabilitation, contact us at or call for a complimentary consultation at 760-271-3064

Enjoy my detailed video below! Your comments are welcome!

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