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San Diego’s best personal trainer discusses ,the over 40 year old male weight loss conundrum.

Posted Jul 29 2012 10:20pm

Weight loss as we age?, Oh the pain and suffering us men go through. Men over 40 are faced with a myriad of complexities that sidelines their mental and physical health. For example, decreasing testosterone levels, cortisol elevation from stress, unstable lower backs, crackling knee hip and shoulder joints, as belly’s protrude forward.  All making it difficult to do the physical activities that were once enjoyed at age twenty and thirties.

If you view a decaying physique like a restoring a vintage 62 Camaro SS,then getting back to to the younger version of yourself is attainable. Just tighten up the nuts and bolts, flush the fluids, wax the paint and go!   Just remember. “Rome was not built in one day” , so be patient and diligent about your body altering crusade. It is “work in progress”

There are four key components for your body redesign. When you are completely able to integrate all of these essential components in your life, you WILL make consistent progress.

1. Medical management -

2. Food consumption behavior modification

3. Fitness behavior management.

4.Time management behavior.

Medical management – Get your essential systems working properly. A physical and routine chemistry panel can detect most problems, if any. If you need testosterone replacement, thyroid hormone supplementation, or a medicine to get your blood glucose under control. Body regulation and homeostasis is important.

Food Management – This can be tough for most humans, especially if you have developed poor eating behaviors over the decades. You will need the help of a experienced personal trainer who is knowledgeable in nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss plans. Trying to weed through all the mythical weight loss schemes on the internet, will only frustrate you and set you back. Invest some money in a fitness professional, it will be well worth it.

Fitness Behavior Management – Can you design and develop an exercise plan that will effectively burn fat calories, while keeping you free from injury or mental burnout? Chances are, if you haven’t been fitness oriented in the last several years, you won’t have a clue where to begin. Remember one shoe DOES NOT fit all.  So your fitness plan should be built around your strengths and weakness’s. Not what Mr. Olympic discusses in Muscle and Fitness magazine. This is where your experienced personal trainer comes in. Once again, invest the money, it will be well worth it.

Time Management Behavior –  So your an expert at working working  the 70 hour work week? How will you dovetail an hour or so into your busy schedule in order to get in a productive workout? Can you make every minute of your work out high octaine intensity? Or will you lolly gag? Again, you will need the expertise and accountability of a personal trainer , until you can learn to keep yourself perpetual.

It is important to keep a proper perspective on your weight loss and body toning endeavor. You must be patient, focused, and in control of your behaviors. Your metabolism is roughly 35% lower/ slower than when you were a young man. Your testosterone has dropped (on average) 695ng/dl to 550 ng/dl. You can spike this back up with consistent  weight training, zinc supplementation and fat weight loss. Your busy lifestyle has you making poor food choices and eating late at night. Stress and fatigue has made you prisoner to Monster Energy drinks, creating a viscous adrenal cycle. Moreover, your career and family are high priorities,rightfully so, but not so good if there is nothing left for you and your personal needs!  Can you relate to any of this?  If so, I urge you to consult a experienced health and fitness professional such as myself to get you on a better track.

For more details on the magic of healthy living contact us at 760-271-3064 or visit our website

Check out the enclosed video featuring Dr. Vonda Wrigh t. she is RIGHT ON.  And, please comment on this thread, Im curious about your opinions and experiences.

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