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San Diego’s best personal fitness trainer revisits day 6 on Isagenix weight loss and cleansing program

Posted Sep 20 2012 1:36am

Its been almost one week since this fitness pro has begun the IsaGenix 30 day weight loss and cleansing program.  I have shed 14 pounds in 6 days which is remarkable, but the jury is still out , in my mind on what is the actual percentage loss is due to water weight, versus catabolic loss of muscle tissue , versus actual fat loss. I will know the outcome on Friday, when I have my Basal Metabolic Rate weight measured, as well as total body composition analysis. IsaGenix claims you will lose body fat while preserving lean muscle mass.   I still have my doubts, although my cloths fit much looser and there are visible changes in body definition.

My typical daily diet is structured as follows. Two of the 6 days was a fast with only 300 calories of a Isagenix detox cleanser. ( I start early because personal trainers are crazy!)

5:30AM  Isagenix IsaleanPro Shake with a 1/2 tsp of Vitamin B complex known as Ionix Supreme.  Total Calories 290

7:30AM Isagenix  Snack – This is a 7 gram chocolate wafer laced with Chromium . ( this stabilizes my blood sugar and gives a temporary sense of satiety) Total Calories 25

9:30 AM Isagenix Snack again                                          Total calories 25

12:30 PM  1 portion of lean mean, poultry or fish, with a vegetable or side salad. Not to exceed 500 calories.

2:30 PM Isagenix snack again                                 Total calories 25

5:30 PM Back to the Isagenix  Isalean Pro shake.     Total calories 290

So, if you tally  the daily calories consumed, which come to 1155 calories, this is NOT considered by medical standards a very low-calorie diet (VLCD), but has been very tough on me, considering is normally ate 2000 calories per day. I don’t believe too many people are discipline enough to do this program, since most people eat way beyond the 3000 calorie threshold.

No radical diet is complete without an exercise plan. This is where it has been very difficult for me. It is well-known that when carbohydrates caloric intake is inhibited through dieting, the dieter becomes very weak. I have been no exception to this rule. I’m hoping this improves over time and adaptation.  Anyway, here is  my 6 day workout schedule. It hasn’t been too pleasant with a real fuel source.

Friday: 60 minute Stairmaster intervals with average heart rate at 155 beats per minute. 60 minute leg workout , mostly anerobic.  Total calories burned 1260 calories

Saturday 90 minute Spin Class with average heart rate at 162 beats per minutes, followed by arm and shoulder workout for 60 minutes. Total calories burned 1500 calories

Sunday 60 minute Precor AMT Eliptical cardio with average heart rate at 144 beats per minute, followed by Chest and back training for 60 minute. Total calories burned 1100 calories

Monday 90 minutes of spin class with average heart rate of 155 beats per minute, followed by 60 minute leg workout and 20 minutes core.  Total calories burned 1344 calories

Tuesday 6o minutes of Precor AMT Eliptical cardio and 20 minutes on the Stairmaster. Followed by Chest and back training for 60 minutes. Total calories burned 1288 calories

Wednesday 80 minutes on Stairmaster intervals with average heart rate of 164. I am too tired to do any weight today. Will hit them Thursday. Total calories burned 1040 calories

Total food calories over the 6 day period was 4620 calories. Total calories burned in exercise was 7500 calories , leaving negative 2900 calories. Throw in my weekly BMR(metabolism) of 14400 calories,and the grand total is a big NEGATIVE of 14400 calories or a 4 pound weight loss.  Since the scale show a 14 pound weight loss, I would be inclined to think that the mystery 10 pound is purely water loss.

To summarize, this is not an easy weight loss program for the weak and undisciplined. Although it is important to note that food craving and desire for food do decrease with time as your stomach shrinks. Anyway, I am off to bed. This weight loss program does make you desire sleep and yes sleep better. A big plus for many of us!

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to giving you another update  in a few days! And check out the fat chart below. I use this as a motivator to keep me on track!

Am I weak? or WILL I overcome when the going gets tough!

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