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Ron Silver Dies – A Conservative Voice Is Lost

Posted Mar 16 2009 12:00am

ronsilverI found out this morning that one of America’s best conservative voices was silenced. Ron Silver has died. I am shocked and saddened! I did not even know he was sick. A truly great conservative American voice has been taken from us.

As returning visitors to this site know, this web site is dedicated to strength training, getting strong and getting big. However, spend a significant amount of time here and you will soonl discover that strength and size are not always measured in terms of pounds and inches. Ron Silver was big and strong in terms of his character, and if you ask me character is the truest measure of the strength and size of a person.

Naturally, I did not personally know Ron Silver but I followed him as he rose to the top of the “A” list of Hollywood’s conservative voices. Of course, it was not always that way.

As many know, Ron Silver was a consummate actor, as well as a conservative, only he was not JUST a conservative. He was brilliant, articulate, unashamed and unafraid. Apparently, his courage extended beyond his political beliefs to the way in which he fought throat cancer to the very last. If only more conservative people (especially, conservatives in Congress) had his intelligence, character, courage and determination.

Anyone in Hollywood will tell you that is very tough to be an actor in Hollywood and get work as an actor. It is even tougher to be a conservative actor and get work. In fact, it is downright miraculous. Hollywood is not kind to conservatives. It never has been.

If you are conservative and expect to survive in the acting industry, you either have to be very quiet about your political views, hiding them from the public spotlight at all costs, or be so damned articulate and persuasive that when you do voice those views that the sheer weight of your arguments crushes the liberal minds you find yourself surrounded by, and crushes them so thoroughly that they dare not challenge you. Ron Silver could do that, and he did it often.

As I hinted earlier, Ron Silver was not always a conservative. In fact, for many years he was a very active, staunch Liberal. Silver even helped found the Creative Coalition – a liberal think tank for actors, headed by folks like Alec Baldwin, Christopher Reeve, Susan Sarandon, Blair Brown, Stephen Collins and others. Talk about a liberal think tank! Talk about an oxymoron!

Imagine, then, the surprise in Hollywood when Silver abandoned his liberal buddies and leftist ideology for the unpopular and unsafe confines of the conservative movement.

It was 9/11 that changed Ron Silver forever. He saw the light, so to speak, and in spite of his differences with the Bush administration and republicans in general, Silver became one. And that took guts.

Silver quickly gained the attention of conservatives everywhere and soon he was showing up at conservative functions and rallies, speaking out publicly regarding things like national security, the border, the war on terrorism and other conservative issues of the day. Silver began showing up on talk radio, too, further jeopardizing his already lauded acting career. He soon founded One Jerusalem, a conservative, pro-Israeli organization dedicated to the preservation of a one-state Israel. In a short period of time, Ron Silver became a very powerful conservative voice for the right, but persona non gratis throughout much or all of Hollywood.

As an aside, I was always so pumped up whenever Ron Silver would appear on Hannity. Whenever Silver would get on Hannity’s show, Silver would run circles around Hannity, articulating conservative positions so effectively that I always ended up thinking that Silver would make a much better host than Hannity. But I digress.

I am going to miss Ron Silver. The true conservative movement will miss him, and an effective conservative voice in Hollywood is gone. We needed him now more than ever.

Ron, I hope you are kicking butt in heaven!


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