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Reverse Tri Workout Day ... 10 mile Run + 22.8 mile Bike + 1500 meters Swim

Posted Feb 20 2010 4:06pm
The plan that is being followed is a 1/2 Iron Man training program that I found on  So far this plan has been very straight forward and easy to follow.  My results from the plan have been very good as well so a certain amount of Trust have been earned.  When the instructions for today said 30 minutes swim, 60 minutes bike, and 30 minutes run my initial thoughts were to just do the workouts in the normal s/b/r order, but then I read this at the bottom of the instructions
Reverse tri order, back to back if you can schedule it.
Being that this program has gained my trust I thought, "what the heck?' and decided to give it a try.  I am really not sure what the actually training benefit of doing the workouts in reverse order may be?  Possibly just to mix things up a little or to see how your body responds starting the swim fatigued.  Not really sure?  Oh, and I was feeling extremely strong and fresh today so I tacked on some addition time (extra 1.5 hours) and distance:  90 minutes run (10.04 miles), 75 minutes bike (22.8 miles), and 45 minutes swim (1500 meters).

Just to do things a little different I did a VLOG (video log) recapping my day after each workout.  I just watched them and found that they are quite boring, but maybe someone will enjoy.  I have zero video editing skills so these are unedited and at times shaky.  They have that "Paranormal Activity"/"Blair Witch" feel to them - expect without the demonic possessions and stuff.

Picture #1 -  Me looking fresh and ready to go right before run

Video #1 - After 10 mile run.  Looking pretty fresh still

Video #2 - On the Trainer

Video #3 - After the trainer ride, looking pretty beat

Video #4 - After Swim, looking better than I feel now

Yes, it appears I grew a beard from the first pic to the final video.  That is not uncommon for this hairy SOB.

Overall I had a really good time pushing my limits.  Normally on longer training days I will keep the heart rate low and work on building base.  But not today!  The pace on the run was 8:55/mi.  On the bike I followed a Race Day DVD and did a number of intervals and big chain work.  In the pool I ended with some hard intervals in the 1:55/100 M range.  Right now my legs are feeling a little tight but I usually feel this after I run more than 10 miles.

Good training day.  Tomorrow is going to be an AM swim and then an easy PM recovery ride on the trainer.

Thanks for Reading and I hope you enjoyed the videos,


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