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Rest Periods: The Easy Day and the Hard Day

Posted Feb 05 2010 12:00am
Most people are familiar with the basic concept of fitness improvement. If you want your muscles to grow stronger, bigger or faster, you need to make sure they are challenged. Stress on the muscles will trigger growth by making small tears in the muscle fiber which is repaired, resulting in muscle growth.

Over training a muscle will actually hinder its growth. In weight training, we usually only work out a muscle group once during a weekly cycle to allow time for recovery. The same concept is true for running.

A hard run should always be followed by few “easy days.” This does not mean that you should stop running, but that you should perform runs in which the pace or distance is decreased. In addition, a proper running program should include “easy weeks” where one goes at this reduced pace or distance every third week or so.

A program that does not include rest periods puts the runner at risk of injury. Trying to consistently increase mileage, running too fast or not getting enough rest can put a quick halt to your running goals.

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