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Recipe: Healthy Lean Lamb Gyros

Posted Apr 09 2010 9:00am

Happy Friday Gang!!

Soooo glad Friday is here … I’m gonna use the weekend to catch up on lots of work …

… waitaminit !!!

… sigh …

Oh well.

On a happier note, I have an awesome guest post today from one of my favourite’s and maybe the most hilarious and fun health blogger on the planet: Rachel from Shedding It & Getting It .

She’s awesome about getting experimental in the kitchen (me: not so much) and keeping it healthy so I asked her to share one of her favourite recipes with us, and YIPPEEE! She said “Yes” !!!

So, without further ado, I am passing the microphone over for …


Healthy Lean Lamb Gyros by Rachel Wilkerson

Heyohhh! I’m Rachel and I write the blog Shedding It & Getting It which is about health and fitness … but also about having a good time.

I fully admit that I love the treadmill and tequila equally.

What else do I love? Um, food! I love putting on my apron and making new and healthy recipes in my kitchen.

I have loved gyros ever since I was a little kid in Chicago. Warm and spicy lamb, cool yogurt dip, and a big plate of French fries … yum!

When I lived in NYC, it was actually a late-night post-bar stop at a gyro cart that brought my whole year as a vegetarian to an end. But the problem is, as much as I love gyros, I can’t eat them too often, because street vendor carts are not exactly known for their nutritionally sound selections.

So when I saw a recipe for gyros in Mark Bittman’s Kitchen Express , I had a moment of, “Why on earth have I never thought of making gyros at home before!?” So after tracking down some nice lean lamb, I decided to give it a try.

First, I cut the lamb in chunks and sauteed it with minced garlic, and a teaspoon each of cumin, thyme, and coriander. I also added a pinch of red chili flakes for heat.

In a separate pan, combine a sliced red pepper and a sliced small white onion

While that was cooking, I made my own gyro sauce: a quarter cup of plain Greek yogurt, a teaspoon of garlic powder, diced white onion, and peeled diced cucumber. (You can also add lemon juice and fresh dill if you have it handy.)

Instead of a warm fried pita — which would have been awesome, and awesomely caloric — I put the meat, veggies, and sauce into a whole-wheat tortilla and topped it with lettuce and tomato.

And no fries; for my salt fix, I had some hearty Food Should Taste Good tortilla chips (one of my favorite snacks – so few ingredients, yet so good!) and pickles.

I love the way the spicy meat and the cool sauce taste together; it’s so delicious!

I made enough for two servings, so I put the extra meat, veggies, and dip in the fridge to have for lunch again. Gotta love those leftovers!

You can also make it with chicken, which I’ll definitely give a try in the future.

It wasn’t exactly like a trip to an NYC gyro cart — is anything?! — but it came close. And it was seriously as easy to make as tacos but a great little change to my dinner routine!


WOW Rachel!! Thanks!! That sounds delicious and on-target for anyone interested in keeping it healthy, nutritious AND yummy!

I think I’ll have to try the chicken version myself soon (I’m not personally a fan of lamb… don’t you think they look just a LITTLE bit too much like poodles? LOL)

Anyway, I digress … On to the …

Workout Song of the Day - also compliments of Rachel

Rachel says “I use this song when I teach spinning (or when I spin on my own) because it’s got a nice slow beat on the verses for a hill climb and then the chorus is super fast so you can RUN up the hill and just tear into it!

Sounds like just the ticket to me! Enjoy!

Little Boots – Remedy

Don’t forget, if you love it, for pete’s sake, GO GET IT! Just click on the Buy Button on the Player Widget and Amazon’s got you covered.


That’s it for today! Enjoy the Gyros!

Oh, and don’t forget to head over to Shedding It & Getting It to read, see and taste more from Rachel. She kicks ass.

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day!



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