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Reader Questions: Chest Workout

Posted Aug 24 2008 10:05pm
Question #1: "I was wondering if you had any chest workouts that were similar to that of the shoulder workouts? As of now, my chest is the most lagging part of my body."

My Answer: I go over the most effective chest exercises and a complete workout in Strength and Physique, V1. Your chest will get quite pumped and incredibly thick on this full body program outlined in the book. It bears some similarity to the Direct Assault arms program, but with its own unique twists for chest training.

Question #2: "I usually work out one body part a day (i.e. monday-chest, tues-legs, wed-shoulders, thurs-back, and friday-arms). What kind of training split would you recomend to go with your fast-twitch fibers arm program ?"

My Answer: The training split is outlined right there in the article: arms done 3 days a week. You can follow whatever training split you want for the rest of your body. You can follow your current split, but take out the whole day arm workout. Instead, do the arm workouts coupled with another bodypart:

Monday- Chest, Arm Workout #1

Tuesday- Legs

Wednesday- Shoulders, Arm Workout #2

Thursday- Off

Friday- Back, Arm Workout #3
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