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Reader Question on Shoulder Workouts

Posted Aug 25 2008 3:34pm
"Hi, I enjoyed your shoulder article on I have a question as I usually devote a full 45 minute workout to shoulders. Would one workout consist of the lean away laterals, the shoulder triset and overhead dumbbell press, or are these each separate workouts? Thanks!"

My Answer: Each are separate workouts. I know a lot of lifters use bodybuilding splits where you devote an entire workout to one body part, but this really is not the best way to build muscle. You gain muscle at a faster rate if you spread the volume across the week. Here's what you can do:

Do a mini deltoid workout at the beginning of each workout. So for your Monday workout, start out with some lean away laterals and then do a full body workout. On Wednesday, start out with the shoulder triset and follow that with a completely different full body workout. Then on Friday, do descending sets of the overhead dumbbell press and follow that with the 3rd and final full body workout.

Don't go over 45 minutes for each workout, so choose your exercises carefully. A higher frequency of training packs on the muscle much faster, especially when you're talking about the deltoids. Just look at basketball players. They do lots of "workouts" (a.k.a. games) where they're working the shoulders, and they have incredible delt development despite all that cardio.
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