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Rapid Fire Q and A on Pyramid Sets

Posted Mar 05 2009 2:00pm
As an ectomorph who has trouble putting on muscle, it was great to find your article on I'm trying to follow the 10-8-6-15 program, but have a couple of questions:

1. Should you use the same weight for all four sets? Or can you start lighter, get heavier, and then go a bit lighter for the 15-rep set?

2. Will you get the same result using the Nautilus-like machines? Or should you really use free weights?

3. This might be a stupid question, but waiting even three minutes between sets feels like an eternity. Any suggestions?

I really appreciate your help.

Garrett Foster

My Answer- For the first 4 questions: No. Yes. No. Yes.

Now as far as rest periods, I do give some leeway. There is a reason for the three minute rest periods, but if 3 minutes is just way too long, then reduce it down to 2 minutes. That should quicken the pace of the workout without compromising too much on your nervous system recovery between sets.
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