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Rain and Oreos

Posted Apr 26 2012 6:16pm
Rain again! I've been feeling bad for Watson this week because of all the rain - he absolutely hates being outside in the rain (because he's a diva) so his walks haven't been that long, so he's been getting a little bored. Anyway, here's what my workout last night looked like
Single leg weighted back extensions are INSANE. If you haven't tried them yet, you need to! They are basically the same as regular back extensions - so use the hyperextension bench while holding weight in your arms close to your chest - but only use one leg and keep the other leg bent in the air. You will definitely feel this! What are some of your favorite back exercises?

Tonight I'm taking a rest day from the gym because I just gave blood, and you're not supposed to exercise on the same day that you donate. I love giving blood because it's a great excuse to have to eat cookies :) Snagged myself two Fudgeos, four Oreos, and a juice box, all while watching Wheel of Fortune. Seriously, why don't more people give blood? It's too bad though because I won't be able to give blood again for over a year. You can't donate if you've travelled to certain areas - I was lucky because although I was just in Jamaica a few weeks ago, the area that I was in (Negril) is on their safe list. But when I go back to Jamaica at the end of May, the area that I will be in (Kingston) is not. Then I have to wait a whole year! :(

Not much on the go tonight - some Watson time, a phone call with the boy, and some reading. It's almost Friday!
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