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Race Recap

Posted Oct 21 2012 11:39am


Time for a long over due recap of the two races I completed! The first one that I did was the Run For Your Lives Race on September 22 just north of Toronto. This was a zombie apocalypse themed race that involved running from zombies who try to steal your life badges, and obstacles along the way.

408241_10151827757735288_1141955164_n  Can you guess what our team costume was?

I have to say although it was just a 5k race, it was much more challenging than I thought it would be. There were way more zombies than we had anticipated, so the race turned out to be a full-on sprint rather than a run, and we screamed our way through the zombies! I thought I would have no problem finishing the race with my life badges intact, but my entire team lost all of their badges! We officially finished the race “dead” and thus transformed into zombies.

Not only did they do a good job with the zombies’ costumes and makeup (I might have had some legit fear at some points), they also did a great job with the obstacles - one included hanging live wires! It kept the race interesting and challenging…and got us in the mud.

75100_10151827757385288_1854229247_n  Wondering what’s going to meet us on the other side…

377219_10100834241855011_751915461_n  Getting just a bit muddy.

Even though the weather didn’t cooperate that day (it was really cold and rainy), my team had a ton of fun trying to outrun the zombies and manoeuvring through the obstacles.

The second race I did was the Color Me Rad 5k race two weeks later in Montreal. Color Me Rad involves 5k worth of color bombardment - throughout your run you pass through stations where you’ll get bombed with a certain color. I completed this race with my two sisters and we had an absolute blast. I don’t know where they come up for the concepts for these races, but they are so fun to compete in. But whereas I spent the entire time in Run For Your Lives screaming, I spent the entire time in Color Me Rad laughing.

399593_10152155940805597_871910058_n   Before the race, looking clean and white.

23936_10152155942360597_2039515615_n  After the second color station, where I got orange right in the face.


539304_10152155945325597_623892796_n  Looking like a rainbow at the end of the race.

429189_10152155946885597_2070082685_n  I had to laugh at my sisters, who are identical twins and somehow managed to get matching colors on their faces.


Again, I think they did a great job organizing this race. For such a low cost to participate, the Color Me Rad swag bag was pretty sweet – it included a cute t-shirt (instead of the usual dri-fit race tees that are always four sizes too big), sunglasses in your choice of color, the RAD temporary tattoo, and one “color bomb” to let loose on your teammates at the finish line. We had seen pictures of the race beforehand, but still couldn’t believe how much color was actually flying around, and at times we felt like we were running through color storms – so much fun!

My only suggestion would be to move the Montreal date to earlier in the year – it was the only Canadian date for the race and it was freezing! I don’t think they realized how quickly after summer the temperatures drop here!

Beer seemed to be my post-run fuel of choice after both races:

548755_10100834243391931_1010652897_n A few after Run For Your Lives

397357_10152155939130597_1173115776_n  Having beer cocktails at Les Trois Brasseurs after Color Me Rad

All in all, I had so much fun at both races and I’m happy I did them both! Why run boring, normal races when you can run races with obstacles, zombies, and color bombs! I wonder what my next themed race should be…

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