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Protein Bars as a source of proteins to build muscle burn fat

Posted Apr 08 2010 12:00am

In the series of Proteins supplements, the last protein supplement choice we are going to dis Platinum Hydro Whey- Vanilla Flavor build muscle burn fat cuss is a protein bar. Certain advantages are offered by protein bars over other forms of proteins supplements. But these bars must be very carefully chosen in order to get maximum nutrition value from them.

Benefits of Protein bars

The one main advantage that the proteins bar offer is the convenience, as being a bar, it can conveniently carried with us to all places we go. Since it is in solid form, you won’t have to worry about shaker cups or milk, but can simply carry the bar with you and consume it at anytime. Because of its available in a solid form and quite heavy, it is also much more filling to our belly senses than a general liquid meal. SO we stay full for a much longer time after consuming protein bars.

Weaker side of Protein bars

The proteins bars are the lowest source of proteins among supplements. When compared to other forms of protein supplements, they contain a very low amount of proteins and that too not best form of proteins. So the downside is that bars tend to be a lower quality meal choice than whey protein or an Meal replacement protein powders. Another thing is that they tend to contain a lot higher amount of harmful simple sugar and fat, and the protein quality also tends to be lower as well.

What I mean by low quality, if you cannot understand then let me explain. Some protein bars use a product called hydrolyzed collagen as one of the protein sources. To simplify even more, hydrolyzed collagen consists of the crushed skin and bones of ox and pig. How’s that for a healthy and delicious protein source, LOL? Some other protein bars also contain low-quality fillers, which help to bind the bar together and keep it soft and chewy.

Protein bars can have their place in the supplement industry, but the key is to choose your bars with caution. Read the ingredient labels carefully before buying and try to choose bars with lower amounts of sugar and higher quality sources of protein. Also try to search for the protein source contents meaning if you do not understand or know about it.

There are some bars out there with a decent nutritional profile and these are the ones you should be searching for. You’ll also find that some bars have a pretty bad taste and also require a long time to eat because they tend to be too dry and liquid less, so difficult to gulp down the throat. I’ve had bars that require 2 cups of water and half an hour of chewing to fully eat!

If possible I would suggest sticking to the Proteins powder form due to its ease and convenience combined with a great appetizing taste, but sometimes this just isn’t possible. A protein bar taken in moderation, only in times of utmost emergency is acceptable, but certainly we need to avoid overdoing eating it. I myself also consume these proteins bars sometimes, as they are easily available in a lot of stores. Especially at times when you are away from your original location and are not carrying the protein supply with you.

With that said, you are the best judge to decided whether or not it suits your style of life. Also if you can adjust to the taste or not. But my aim here was just to introduce you of this source of protein for emergency situations.

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