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Prescribed personal training exercise programs will not lead to weight loss. By Somagenesis Health and Fitness San Diego

Posted Aug 24 2012 2:04pm

This article doesn’t bode well for us professional personal trainers in the industry, but it is necessary that those seeking our service understand that there weight loss goals must come from a multi faceted approach. During my 12 year career I have experienced stymied weight loss time and time again with certain clients.  I am currently work with a client who is a Physician. I put her through he ringer three days per week with some pretty intense metabolic training session. She burns approx 740 calories per 1 hour workout.  She also plays 1 hour of racket ball twice weekly , and does the new Asylum video workouts 5 days per week for an addition 3000 calorie burn.

So let’s do the math. 2220 calories with me plus 1000 calories with racket ball plus 3000 calories burned with Asylum equals 6220 exercise calories consumed per week. According to all the fitness guidelines she should be losing 1.70 pounds per week or 6.80 pounds per month.  But she doesn’t! Ironically when she commits to a 3 day ultra low calorie cleanse she loses wight rapidly. What does this tell you?

Like many weight loss clients there is a tendency to minimize the quantities and or values of food consumed.  They often omit knowingly bad foods from their food journals. Don’t get me wrong, as I do understand this psychology and realize that learning new eating behaviors takes copious amounts of patience, and unrelenting coaching from  a top notch professional personal trainer . This is point at which many personal fitness trainers fail, in understanding both sound nutritional practices, and behavior modification of the weight loss client.  I do also understand that many personal trainers are often faced with difficult, often stubborn and opinionated clients who will often yield only so much in the personal trainers recommendations.   Working with physicians and corporate big whigs can be the biggest challenge to even the best personal fitness trainer.

For some time the research community has studied the same phenomena as described above. The British Journal of Sports Medicine did some ground breaking research in 2009 showing that obese study subject who did supervised aerobic training over a 12 week time span, without changing their diet barely lost weight.. Another study  done at University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver showed that same results with clinically obese test subjects, and well conditioned athletes.  The study also found very little body weight loss, and no evidence of “After burn” or EPOC .  Something I discussed in a previous blog.

It is critically important to bear in mind, that exercise has many more benefits beyond weight reduction. In many of the aforementioned studies they did make note that participants became healthier in aerobic capacity, decreasing blood pressure and resting heart rates, and an overall boost in mental state of mind. They became happier and more vibrant!

And, finally exercise seems to help in the battle to keep  off body fat once caloric reduction has established. So think twice people, before you head on over to Starbucks for that Frappuccino and doughnut post workout reward! Both together are 890 calories.  Thank you again for your attention, and please include any thoughts you may have on this delicate subject. I am also eager to hear from you.

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