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Pitfalls in Your Fat Burning Plan: Shoulder Injury

Posted Dec 18 2009 12:00am
The shoulder is a very complex muscle system. If you have been working out and hear a popping sound or feel a sudden, sharp pain in the shoulder, you may have an injury that you should treat with care.

These symptoms could indicate that you have a tear in the rotator cuff or tendonitis.

The shoulder is made up of three bones and four muscles, along with the tendons. These bones are the scapula (blade), humerus (upper arm) and clavicle (collar bone).

Injuries can be caused by two major factors; normal wear and tear or excessive force.

The rotator cuff naturally receives very little oxygen and nutrients from blood and thereby is more difficult to heal.

The application of heat can be very good for improving blood flow to an injured shoulder. Massage is also effective, as it not only improve the supply of blood to the area but also reduces the amount of scar tissue and injury can cause. It is imperative that you keep the area active with gentle movement to improve blood supply. Never immobilize the area due to pain; keep it moving with care. To avoid injury, always warm up the muscle group you are going to work on. Stretching and strengthening are the best defense to keeping a healthy shoulder. To warm up, stand up straight and grasp your hands behind your back. With straight arms, slowly lift your hands upward and hold. Repeat a few times.

There are a number of points of caution to avoid a shoulder injury when doing some common exercises.

Bench press

• Do not use too wide a grip.
• Do not touch the bar to a point too high up on your chest.


• If you have a shoulder injury, don’t do dips.
• If you have gained a lot of weight and do not feel comfortable, don’t dip or do try an assisted dip.

It is far more difficult to keep on your fat-burning plan with an injury. Make sure to always stretch your muscles properly before working out. For more information and ideas on fat burning and healthy living, give yourself the gift of BOOTCAMP 619 this holiday season!

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