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Personal Trainers in San Diego feeling the heat of a bad economy.

Posted Nov 28 2008 11:00am

It is Thanksgiving and I have much to be thankful for this years. My mind is spinning over a series of events which transpired yesterday. It was one on my busiest training days seeing clients, since today Somagenesis Health and Fitness is officially closed for Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for having 26 very dedicated clients. Most of them have been die hard Somagenesis Health & Fitness clients for over 8 years. Although, they are all adversely impacted by the economic down turn, my clients believe they cannot afford to lose years of acquired fitness, and rebound into illness during these very stressful times. There is a lot of sound logic and interpersonal growth in that mindset. Anyway, my clients have forfeited their vacations to Europe, excessive dining out ,and buying the latest Mercedes Benz.

I have attributed this attitude change, to the fact that I have devoted a great deal of time tapping into the minds of my clients, over the past several months. I have made it a conscious effort to obtain feedback, so as to better understand their fears and doubts. This well needed attention, has enabled me to better understand my clients, and show them that there is more to just being a personal trainer than sculpting their bodies. Point being, personal training is more than just conditioning a body to look better, it is also about reshaping the mind to live a healthier lifestyle, even during depressive times. Personal trainers need to rise to the occasion and re-motivate and refocus their clients attentions and thought patterns. If not, then risk losing them to reactionary depression.

Today, I was confront by 9 personal trainers who were looking for new clients. Most personal fitness trainers in San Diego see Somagenesis.coms domination of the internet pages, and naturally assume we have an overload of new clients. I listened to the sad stories, regarding the unfortunate losses of clients. I don’t believe that this had to happen, if their clients were taken better taken care of from an emotional perspective.

Taking a strategic position is so vital, in retaining, or acquiring a new client base. Below, are some of the techniques that Somagenesis Health and Fitness uses and lives by.

1.Get constant feedbackfrom your clients.- Your fitness training skills, needs to include in personalized counseling with each clients. This is different than psychoanalysis.

2. Be receptive to clients schedule changes - Your clients will be in a panic mode, to produce more at work, to deter a lay off. If you are not flexible, you potentially risk losing the client to their job demands.
3. Market your ass off - Somagenesis marketing and advertising budget is triple of what we typically spend in a sound economy. Don’t drop your advertising dollars or you will get nothing and go bankrupt.

4. Re create the wheel - There are other ways to supplement your income with new and innovative fitness products. Sit down and brainstorm something your competition is not doing, or is doing, but do it better.

5. Educational enhancement - Now is the time to devote to further your fitness related educational pursuits. Learning new and interesting information always refreshes a stale mind. Beside you will feel better about your self. You will project a more confident image to new clients

6. Network with your existing client base - Use the holidays as an opportunity to give discounted personal training gift certificates to your faithful clients. They can gift these coupons to work associates or friends. It is also a wonderful way to show your clients that you care.

In summary, during tumultuous economic times, it is critical that you provide and outstanding level of service to your clients. Create additional streams of value to them, even if this means spending additional time with them, trouble shooting their holiday nutritional strategies or giving them a small token of appreciation for their patronage.

Lets hear from you personal trainers out there. What are you thinking? What are you conundrum’s?

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