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Paleo Bread

Posted Apr 28 2012 1:37pm
Finally a sunny (but still cold) day! Today has been a lazy Saturday so far, with the only productive thing I've done so far being getting some food prep done

I baked a package of six chicken breasts - two with jerk spice that I brought back from Jamaica, and the other four with just S & P to throw in salads, stir frys, etc. I did a massive grocery order last night - feels good to have a fridge completely stocked with veggies and fruit! Then I made myself a spinach salad with strawberry, sliced almond, chicken, and goat cheese for lunch.

p.s. I only just discovered today that the goat cheese package opens this way...until now I have been violently stabbing the package with a knife and ripping its contents open...*the more you know*

I also baked some Paleo Bread! When this recipe came up on my newsfeed from Oxygen Magazine for Wheat-Free Bread , I was a little skeptical. I mean, only 5 ingredients? But I thought I'd give it a shot. When I was mixing the ingredients it felt more like a science experiment because of the way the vinegar and baking soda reacted together, but I went with it. Turned out delish! Not quite "bread" texture but very tasty. I still don't understand how it worked. I would definitely recommend trying this, as it takes all of 5 minutes to throw together. I don't strictly follow a Paleo diet or anything but I don't really eat wheat (just oats), as wheat tends to make me look like I'm 8 months pregnant with twins. 

Also, a friend just sent me this great article about the plank from elitefts (another awesome site to follow for strength training). It talks about going beyond just aiming for time with the plank but using it to its potential and fully contracting. I already had planned to include the plank in my workout tonight, so I'm going to incorporate the tips from this article. Will post later on how it goes! Does anyone else incorporate the plank into their workout, and how? Enjoy your Saturday!
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