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P90X Round 2 Day 70: Rest Day

Posted Mar 29 2009 4:26pm
Okay, so I didn't skip the rest day for Kenpo. My legs were sore as hell after my 5K run yesterday so the rest day was a much welcomed event!

Tomorrow is Chest, Triceps, and Shoulder. I am excited to be doing this and Back and Biceps again. Those are two of the best resistance workouts of P90X and I am really looking forward to finishing up the next two weeks strong.

Quite exciting today ... I found a Schwinn Road Bike! Unfortunately, we were in my car instead of the wife's SUV and had no way to get it home. Gonna have to pick it up tomorrow or Tuesday. I also ordered a bike computer (made by Schwinn) on Amazon. It will tell me speed, pace, distance, cals burned .... and a bunch of other stuff. It was only $15 including shipping - could not believe how cheap it was? I have also been trying to find a lap pool to do my training. My neighborhood has a community pool that is fairly large but it isn't opened full time until the first week of June. So for the first month of training I am going to have to use one of the local gyms or YMCA. I called a couple of gyms this weekend and I was told I needed to speak to the "memberships dept" on Monday -- this is why I hate gyms -- they make it damn near impossible to just have an enjoyable experience without signing over a limb to use the facilities! I had to bargain with the girl on the phone for 5 minutes before she would tell me it costs $15 to use the pool.

Anyways, be back tomorrow evening!

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