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P90X Round 2 Day 63: Kenpo X

Posted Mar 27 2009 10:55am
I am putting another picture up of the NO Xplode because it was awesome. As far as pre -workout drinks go I have used SuperPump 250, Nano Vapor, and now NO Xplode. I also used some tablets called Amped or something like that ... I threw the bottle away and can't remember the name.

Well, today I took 2 scoops of NO Xplode (Lemonade Flavor) with about 10 oz of water and my energy level was scary good! I burned 381 calories doing Kenpo X and that is the most calories I have burned during this workout since I began P90X. Annie and I did the video together and she was annoyed at my energy level. During the breaks doing jacks I was doing them as fas as I could and trying to prod her to race me - she just gave me that look of "stop it now" -- every married man knows this look. I brought the hell out of today and had an awesome sweat and calorie burn to boot. Annie did awesome too. She had to work today and when she got home she was exhausted. She sucked it up and followed the first rule of Tony Horton - Just Push Play! She ended up burning over 300 cals and was happy she got in the K enpo!

Back to the NO Xplode - maybe my perspective is a little skewed because I have not used a pre -workout performance enhancer in a few days but I was absolutely jacked up for the workout. I am talking jump out of the room jacked up! Since this was only day one of NOX I will continue to use it the next 27 days and report back at the end. But so far I was very impressed. Oh, and it tasted pretty good also -- much better than Nano Vapor or Super Pump250! Both of those gave me a good pump but SuperPump DESTROYED my stomach on a daily basis and Nano Vapor tasted just awful and the after taste lingered forever!

I was a little light on my carbs today for phase 3. For dinner we made grilled chicken breast with on a bed of vegetables and I was going to make a cup of whole wheat pasta and completely forgot. So, I ended up a little light on calories at 2300 and my ratio was around 40/40/20 since I forgot my pasta carb boost. The good news is I grilled up a ton of extra chicken so we are going to have chicken egg white scramblers (from the p90x nutrition guide) for breakfast - they are awesome - and I am excited!

Tomorrow is the beginning of Week 10 and my last Chest and Back workout for this round! It is a very cool feeling when you get to the point of the program where the word "last" is said in front of a P90X video!

Thanks for Reading,


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