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P90X Round 2 Day 31: Back, Biceps, and ARX

Posted Feb 19 2009 6:20pm
I totally forgot just how great the Back & Biceps workout is ... Bicep, Bicep, Back, Forearms ...repeat. This is just a killer workout. And the corn-cobb pull-ups are back in my life. I forgot how ridiculous these are ... basically you do a semi-wide grip pull-up. While at the top you move left and then move right and then bring your head towards the bar again. I am able to do four of these before I have to put my foot on the chair to get a few more reps.

Today ARX was one of my better efforts. I felt very strong going into it. Fifer Scissors is always my gauge of how ARX is going to go. If I start to feel the pain around rep 7 or 8, I know it is going to be a long few minutes. But today I didn't start to feel the burn until around rep 16 so it was all down hill from there. I struggled a little with the left side oblique raises and had to pause for a second but crushed it from there on out. Even made it through the Mason Twists!

I had another decent nutrition day today. The job had me leaving early again so I had a protein shake on the road. Around 11am I had a Balance Bar and an Atkins Protein drink. Lunch was a Turkey sub on wheat from Subway. I had a Pure Protein Bar for a snack in the afternoon and then for dinner we had grilled chicken on whole wheat pasta. I also got in my 9 Nitrix tablets and two servings of Cell Mass. A little high on my carb intake but overall pretty clean eating!

Tomorrow is Yoga Day. I am planning on doing Yoga as of now but Cardio X may make an appearance instead!

Thanks for Reading,

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