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P90X PLUS Day 3: Total Body Plus

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:53pm
Hello .... A Good day it was! Started out the morning sleeping in to about 7:30 and it was awesome! Breakfast was a strawberry whey protein shake with organic fat free milk. The midmorning snack was a pure protein bar. Lunch was a chef salad with turkey and chicken ...yum! I had another protein bar and a few apple slices for the midday snack and a 12-inch turkey sub from subway for dinner (needed a few carbs ). After my workout I had the 60G of protein Wheybolic Extreme post-workout drink. My calories were about 2600 and total protein consumption was right around 180-185 grams. Solid nutrition day!

Today's workout was Total Body Plus. This was my first time doing this one and I REALLY enjoyed it. It had some rather unorthodox moves included in the 20 exercise workout. A couple of them almost ended me. Pull-up Crunch: This little diddy has you do a chin-up and keep yourself suspended at the top of the bar while you bring your knees up to to your head. So, you are basically hanging upside down in a fetal like position!! Yes, it is as crazy as it sounds and it really hurts. My shoulders felt like they were being ripped out of the joints and my abs also were screaming! Then there is this other move called 3 & 3. This one has you do 3 squats (holding 25 lbs dumbells ), 3 push-ups, and then 3 chin-ups. And you just keep repeating for 2 minutes. I made it through 3 times (27 total reps) before I damn near collapsed. Then another one is called 1 & 1. This one is just like it sounds. 1 push-up then 1 pull-up. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.... I did 8 of each before this one took me down. My heart rate was up to 164 in the middle of this one and I was drenched in sweat.

Overall, of the 4 new PLUS workouts that I have done this one is my favorite - I still have to do Kenpo Plus though! I may be wrong but I actually feel like I got a better Bicep, Back and Shoulder workout with Total Body Plus than I did with Upper Body Plus and not to mention that TBP really worked out out my Abs and Core as well. A couple of moves like Mr. Moon and Clink on Run really burned out my abs. Very good workout.

Now onto something else. My workout buddy Matt noticed that the booklets that we received with our P90X PLUS DVDs had a slightly different sequence of workouts than the spreadsheet and link I have posted to the right. The link is a scan from another P90X PLUS fitness guide. For example, the spreadsheet has us doing Abs/Core Plus during weeks 1-3 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays. The booklet has us doing Abs/Core Plus on just Mondays and Fridays. During recovery week 8 the booklet has us doing Ab Ripper X three times. The spreadsheet has us doing it once. We are not sure which one we are supposed to follow and I am a little irked that BeachBodies has two versions released? My guess is that they released the first version (which is on the spreadsheet) and after the public started using it had feedback that it could be more effective tweaking it a little here and there so they switched it around. I could be wrong but that is my guess. I am going to send them an email and ask and I'll let you guys know what they say. This is not a huge deal but when you are trying to follow a program as strict and detailed as this you prefer to have blind faith in the creators of said program and these irregularities test that faith.

Tomorrow is Yoga X. If I have the time I will do this. If the day gets long I may substitute Cardio X.

Thanks for Reading,


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