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P90X Hybrid Day 18: 15 Mile Bike

Posted Aug 25 2009 10:42pm
I drove down to Huffman this evening with my new Tri bike in tow. It was still pretty damn hot so I dressed in light gear and loaded up on sunscreen.

This was my first attempt taking the bike out of my limited access neighborhood to the open roads. I ended up not doing the full trail (26 miles) because it was starting to get dark (traffic was awful getting there) so I just did 15 miles. A couple of things I found out were that this bike is FAST. I mean real fast. The roads I were on are relatively flat and at one point I had the bike up to 32 mph on a long stretch and the amazing thing was that the bike still had some more to give! My old road bike would top out at 21-22 mph and that was working as hard as I possibly could. Another thing that is cool is how much more effective I feel while in the aero position. I mean you can really dig down and pedal your heart out!

Now something that is going to take some work is my steering while in the aero position. I have no problems going straight but making turns is challenging. Surely this will get easier as I ride more. Something else that is different from my road bike is the way the pressure is felt in my legs. The Tri bike distributes the force more evenly through out my quads and hips. With the road bike most of the force was in my quads. This is good and bad. Good because this will make doing the run portion much more comfortable during races. The bad is that all my conditioning has been done on the Road bike and it feels like I am starting from day one again!

Overall, I couldn't ask for a more enjoyable ride. The bike is just awesome and I cannot wait to go again!

Tomorrow is Legs & Back and my quads are probably going to be a little sore!

Thanks for Reading,

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