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P90X Hybrid Day 16: 2 Miles Speed Run

Posted Aug 23 2009 10:47pm
Today I REALLY wanted to hit the trail for a long ride on the new Quintana Roo! This morning we went to the hospital to visit one of my wives good friends who had a baby boy last night. I figured that it would cool off (low 90's maybe) in the evening and that's when I could cycle away. I got on my padded shorts, shimano shoes, jersey, checked the air pressure in the tires and went inside to get a water bottle and that is when I heard the loud crack of thunder!

Yep, the sky opened up and it was pouring. I considered still going in the rain but my wife talked me out of it. Using the reasoning that I am still not real comfortable on the bike yet and it might be dangerous in the rain. She is much smarter than me!

The gym was already closed so I couldn't go to the pool. So, my options were to either run in the rain or do a P90X workout. I was feeling stir crazy so running in the rain it was! Now the problem with this is that I have ran the last two days for a total of 11 miles. My legs are not used to this type of mileage and they were already pretty sore. I started a light jog to warm up and I could feel my calves already tightening up. At this point I was already soaked from the rain and I decided to go balls out for 2 miles just to see what I could do. Every now and again you got to push yourself just to see what you can accomplish. I hit start on the Garmin and took off. Mile 1: 6:57; Mile 2: 7:10. Two Mile total: 14:07. My legs are feeling it right now too, but it was cool to record those times on a run!

Tomorrow is Shoulder & Arms. I was planning on getting up early and running but my legs may fall off so that ain't going to happen. Tuesday I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get on the saddle and log a few miles!

Oh, Finally sold my Road Bike today. It went to a young guy who is just getting into biking and I am happy he will get some good use out of it!

Thanks for Reading,

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