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Posted Jan 14 2009 8:52pm

Plyo Day! Better know as "The Beast" according to Tony! And he is right. Plyo kicks the crap out of me every Monday, but the weird thing is I actually look forward to it.

I can't really say that I have trouble with one particular move anymore on Plyo but as a whole this is by far the hardest P90X DVD to complete. It is none stop squats, lunges and jumps. I sweat more during Plyo than any other workout and probably burn more calories here also!

My diet today was about a 3.5 out of 5. For breakfast I had 3 whole wheat waffles with a banana. My mid-morning snack was a South Beach Diet bar -- which tastes awesome. I liked the protein bars I was eating during phase one and two but I LOVE these SBD bars!!! For lunch I had a chef (turkey, chicken and ham) salad with fat free ranch. Then I missed my midday snack because I was on the phone with the piece of shit DirecTV customer service. I won't bore you with this story but just know I hate them. But, due to my rage I lost track of time so I missed the snack. The good news is my wife Annie made the Apple pork dish in the P90X nutrition guide for dinner and it was excellent. So, I had that and some carrots and celery for Dinner. I only got in about 2300 calories today - which sucks because I needed more for the Plyo workout. But I do have a ton of energy since complex carbs have been increased in my diet and my workouts have been very intense due to this also.

After my workout I took the Anabolic Halo recovery drink again. I did the recommended three scoops today and it still tastes sort of bad!

Tomorrow is the Shoulders & Arms workout. I haven't done this one since Week 3 and if I remember correctly it is a tough one!

My left shoulder is still a little sore after yesterdays workout. The rest week helped heal it up a little but it is still nagging me. I have been putting the Tiger Balm on right before I workout and this seems to really help, but it aches pretty bad after the workouts. Oh well, I am not quiting ... I don't think it is a tear just a strain so it can heal up when I am done in 31 days!

Thanks for Reading,


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