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P90X Day 49: Rest Day

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:53pm
Sort of a rest day!

I went to the gym with Annie today and did "Spinning" with her. It was a pretty good cardio workout. Especially since I just finished up kenpo and legs and back on two consecutive days. I got a real good burn in my thighs by the end of spinning. I would say it was about the equivalent of kenpo in terms of difficulty but not even close to Plyo!

My only complaint about Spinning was the liberal use of Spandex by the other participants and instructor. The makers of Spandex need to put a size limit on their shorts!

Tonight we are going to a Halloween party. Annie and I are going as the Bobby's from Talladega Nights! I am Ricky Bobby and she is Carly Bobby. I even found a WonderBreadNascar Uniform. It is pretty funny!

Anyways, tomorrow is the beginning of the low impact "Rest Week". However, we all know it isn't much of a rest. I start tomorrow with Yoga (h0-hum). I am going to get up early before football and slowly meander through Yoga and this is the last time I will complain about Yoga (at least in this post (-:).

Thanks for Reading,

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