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P90X Day 43: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps + Ab Ripper X

Posted Jan 14 2009 8:53pm
Annie and I slept in to about 9am this morning and it was glorious! I was very wore done from all the travel and work from the last week and I really needed the extra rest.

The good news is that the rest paid off in dividends for today's workout. I had a vanilla protein shake once I rolled out of bed and a 1/2 hour later I took my SuperPump 250 and then went into the Chest, Shoulders and Triceps DVD. I increased both the chair dips and the plange push-ups reps by a good amount this week ( click here to see the workout tracker). I also added four reps to the Y presses and three reps to the one-armed push-ups. The weighted circles killed me today. You grab a weight (5lbs) and hold both arms out and make small circles. You do this for 40 circles alternating front and back circles every 10. I was literally dripping sweat about 20 circles in!! I was able to Bring the hell out of it today!

I then jumped right into Ab Ripper X and had my best day to date. I actually got through the entire 25 Fifer Scissors with out taking a couple of rep break. First time this happened and I felt very good about it. The oblique raises were actually the hardest exercise for me today. I had trouble in the beginning with the form on this exercise and I now finally have it down and it just burns -- a good burn.

We had a grilled chicken salad with fat free ranch for for dinner and a huge turkey sandwich on whole grain wheat for lunch. I had a couple of protein bars for my snacks and watched a ton of football games and the Steelers rip-up on the Bungals. Very good day!

Tomorrow is the always awesome Plyometrics!

Thanks for Reading,

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