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Okay...Feeling better about this whole work-out thing

Posted Oct 03 2008 12:00am
I remember this t-shirt I saw a while back on an old guy at the gym. It said "This working out thing isn't working out for me!"
That is how I've been feeling for a while now....
I made myself do Chest & Back last night along with Ab Ripper X and then today...I got up and went to one of the "sister" gyms of my gym. I had been telling myself all this time (while my gym is closed for renevations) that it was too far to travel and that I could just stay home and do P90X..BUT...I went today and I LOVED IT! I will DEFINITELY be incorporating that into my regular work outs again. At LEAST on Tuesdays & Thursdays and maybe Saturdays. I will still do my P90X weight-training work outs at home on the other days too.
And of course...gotta keep eating healthy if I want the pounds to stay off and keep coming off.

I have just definitely realized that group fitness is my forte. Without it, I have a HARD time keeping myself motivated...but with it..well, there's just no stopping me. I'm so pumped about it right now, I want to go EVERY day...but I know that is not, I probably won't be able to move tomorrow anyway after the 2 hours I did today that totally kicked my butt.

By the last thingIf you get a chance and can remember...pick up some HONEY CRISP apples in the produce section of your grocery store. They only sell them in October but they are the BEST apples EVER! I promise you...they are worth the extra $. If you don't trust me, buy just one and try it.
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