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Off-Topic: Favorite Sci Fi Movies (Part Deux)

Posted Aug 23 2008 11:02pm
6) Dune- Even though it was long and delved too much into the character's thoughts, the movie does a good job of depicting the world and time of Dune. David Lynch tried to pack in every aspect of the book into the movie, which works well for those who read the book, but overwhelmed those who didn't. Nevertheless, there is something quite hypnotic about the film.

7) Gattaca- My brother hated this movie, because the ending was so simple. But the ending was poignant and fit the tone of the movie (my bro is into more actioned packed finales). This is a very cerebral film, but there is still a sense of thrill, since Ethan Hawke lives in paranoia and could be have been caught at multiple times in the story.

8) The Martian Chronicles- This TV movie on the Ray Bradbury classic has got the worst special effects, but like the Bradbury novel, it has a dreamy feel. The story is an analogy for the colonization of the Americas, where the Martians represent Native Americans and the colonizing Earthlings represent the European hordes.

9) Lathe of Heaven- This is a PBS movie based on the Ursula LeGuin novel about a man whose dreams alter reality. Everytime he wakes up from a dream, reality becomes that which he dreamed. Talk about the Law of Attraction personified! The guy tries to stay awake as long as he can, because he doesn't like some of the dreams he's been getting and eventually seeks the help of a therapist. Since it's a PBS production, there are no real special effects. But the storytelling is solid and thought-provoking.

10) A.I. Artificial Intelligence- This movie could have dropped the last half hour, and it would have been a much better film. There are many different themes running through this film: parenting, adoption, racism, classism and the meaning of humanity.
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