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Not Every Client Needs A Perfectly Put Together Program

Posted Jul 05 2013 2:41pm

For many people who are new to personal training, they think they will be in shape in a couple of weeks when in reality, reaching one's goals usually takes months.  Clients need to understand there is a period of trial and error. Your Upper West Side personal trainer will work diligently to create your workout plan based on what they know about you and your goals.  However, the body may not always act as expected and programs must be adjusted or sometimes altogether altered until the client is progressing at an appropriate rate.   Not every client needs a perfectly put together program.  In fact, most won’t follow it. Figuring out how to alter your program for the individual’s needs is pertinent to your success

 First, every client must be a willing participant.  Not only must they be committed to reaching their goals, but they must be willing to listen to what the trainer is telling them and perform what is asked. Too many people are not open to the idea of someone else telling them what to do.  If that is the case, then personal training may not be the right fit. Otherwise, there may be some coaching off of the gym floor that may be necessary.   Find out why they are having trouble taking this direction.   Do they listen to their accountants or lawyers advice or do they just do their own thing?   It is important to know if you will be able to work with the client.   Otherwise, politely decline and move on, stating the impetus in moving forward.  


Once the client has ceded the control of the session to the Upper West Side personal trainer, the transformation can begin.  The ultimate goal is defined and the plan is explained.  What happens next is where patience and understanding come into play.  It must be acknowledged that while on the way to the big goal, the path will be peppered with small milestones or checkpoints.  These are points during the personal trainer client partnership where evaluations will take place.  Measurements will be taken, such as weight, body fat percentage, and waist size, or whatever helps to quantify progress toward the goal.


At the same time don't set yourself up with the idea that you must present your client with the perfect program from the beginning.   The perfect program doesn’t exist, just like a home is never completely done.   There is always something to improve upon or adjust.   Set the expectation with your client that this will, to the best of your knowledge, be the best course of action based on the stated goals.  Adjustments can and will be made as personal training Upper West Side progresses.   Remember, before beginning any personal training with a new client, be sure to have them fill out the health history questionnaire and an insurance waiver form.   Also, confirm that they have medical clearance from their physician.

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