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No time to eat healthy? Don't know how to cook? THINK AGAIN

Posted May 19 2009 12:00am
So, you've lost some weight. Your clothes aren't fitting anymore (unless you like the saggy, top-of-your-underwear-is-showing look).
You reluctantly go out and spend money on the next size down...but not TOO much money because you are still on your way down on the scale. You acquire a decent wardrobe in this size when you realize that you have finally shrunken yet again and are faced with buying another whole wardrobe yet a second time.
In my case....I started out a year ago at a size 10-some 8's. Lost 10 pounds and went down to a size 8,and the occasional "big" size 6. Lost another 10 pounds and went down to an occasional "big" size 4 or a "small" size 6. This is where I am now.
Therefore I have a closet FULL of cute clothes in sizes 10's, 8's and some 6's that are too big for me now.
What do I do with them?
Some of these clothes I LOOOOOOVE! (like my 2 pair of Lucky jeans that I hardly got to wear!) I don't want to(and can't afford to) just give them away. I could sell them---but I won't get NEARLY what I paid for them. But, if I did sell them, at least I could use that money to buy clothes that DO fit. On the other hand....I can't help but think "what if I put on 10 pounds sometime again and need those clothes?" But then that makes me think that if I keep them, then I am enabling myself to gain weight!??
This is stressing me out.
I actually put an ad on craigslist for womens sz. 8-10 clothes and got several responses. I just don't know whether to part with them or not.
What do you guys think? What are you doing about this problem (because I know you are all in the same boat)!!
Bra's are another issue too. I have probably 8 NICE bras that I paid $35+ each for in a size or 2 too big for me. I still wear them because I can't afford to go buy new ones...but they look ridiculous with all that extra fabric and are unsupportive because the band around my ribs is too loose. Same thing with bathing suits.
ohhh...what to do....???
(I do have to mention that I am SO GLAD to have this "problem" though than the opposite "problem" where you have nothing to wear because it's all too tight!)
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