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My Slim Down Transformation

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:10pm

I said yesterday that I would post a few pictures of my progress and I wasn’t lying.

Me in my comfie jeans about 3 months ago.

Me in my comfie jeans about 3 months ago.

It is actually annoying because none of my clothes fit and as far as my boobs are concerned… adios amigas! But I am super pumped and excited about the whole competition.

The first picture is of me a few months back… I just happend to find it in the photos… the second one was just taken yesterday.

These jeans were never my “tight” jeans but damn, they never hung off of me either. I was just getting dressed and didn’t know this was going to happen… so I had to take a picture.

Today I started my Dandylion root supplement (its a dieretic) and cut out ALL carbs. But that is only the case for three days then Thursday I get to eat lots of oatmeal and other complex carbs. But have you ever stopped to think how hard it is to completely cut out carbs?

12 lbs lighter & my comfie jeans are now gangsta style

12 lbs lighter & my comfie jeans are now gangsta style

That translates into eating a heck of a lot of chicken and eggs.

I also have upped my water today… well trying too still… to 2 gallons for today through Thursday. I have basically had a 3 litter bottle glued to me all day. And I have had to RUN to the restroom more times that I like to think about.

On top of the diet… I had to start tanning. I am totally against tanning beds and told my coach that I would only do 3 times. I figure that I have done enough harm to my body just by using the sun a lone.

So this is where I stand today. Tomorrow I promise to talk about something other than my training!

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