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my left arm underdeveloped what should i do?

Posted by Alok

I am a gym freak,,,my left arm is undevelop compare to my right arm,

and i feel thats b'coz i had a minor accident (not hospitalised) 5 yrs back and in that my left hand was hurt.

now currently i dont feel any pain but size of my arm is thiner than right arm.

plz recommened me some exerise or any site where my problem can be cure.

 Age- 22 male

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If you are right handed this is most likely why. My left arm has less strength than my right. What you can do to combat this is when you go into the gym start on the left for a while when you do any exercise. What happens is you start on your right from being right handed and you'll exhaust your body doing that exercise before you even start on the left. Not that it's an extreme exhaust, just enough to make a difference.
So try starting on the left, and when you notice they are evening out make sure to alternate every other day.  

thanks for the reply.

yes i'm a right haded but these steps i already took , i start my exercies with my left hand and also after 7 days exercies cycle i do only left hand exercies.

but i have seen others who r  righty but strenght only differs not the size. seeing my hands anyone can clearly make a diffrence the left hand is thiner than d other.

any way thanks for reply once again

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