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Minimal Exercises, Maximum Muscle

Posted Dec 01 2010 12:04pm

Coach James,

I just read your article on the Shotgun Method of training and had a few questions. I've been using EDT for the last 6 weeks and am going to move onto shotgun training next.

First question: instead of 3 shotgun movements, can I do 4 and superset in two diff sets (shoulder press and pullups, then legs and chest)? Second, since this method addresses both size and symmetry, would it be safe to say you could use this method basically year-round as long as you're changing up your exercises and reps every now and then? Thanks in advance for the help. Your blog and articles are always helpful.


My Answer: No you should not do 4 shotgun movements. The whole point of doing shotgun movements is to hit the most muscle with the fewest exercises. This means minimal redundancy. Doing the shoulder press would be redundant, because you're doing a shotgun movement for the chest, which would invariably be a bench press variation. You'd be working the shoulders and triceps twice.

If you really want to include both exercises, then there are 2 options
1) Do the chest press and shoulder press on separate Shotgun workouts.

2) Perform the shoulder press as a trouble shooting movement instead.

As far as being on this program indefinitely, I'd advise against it. Even if you changed the exercises frequently, the Shotgun workouts are quite taxing on the nervous system. It is a good program to come back to when you want to make some solid gains in size and strength. But most people get pretty sick of a program (no matter how much it varies from workout to workout) in 6 weeks.

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