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Metabolic personal training by Somagenesis Fitness San Diego

Posted Aug 20 2012 4:40pm

Metabolic personal training   programs are designed to:

1. Charge up your  metabolism.

2. Condition your heart rate to sustain a higher than normal threshold.

3. Aid in accelerating fat loss, by a different  biochemical pathway . Larger secretion of fat lysing (cutting)  norepinephrine.

4. Claims to keep your metabolism charged up to 36 hours after the work out. ( This claim can be disputed) It is now as  EPOC  which I wrote about last month.

5. Metabolic training is not designed to bulk you up, but those who train this way will enjoy a lean well defined body.

6. Metabolic training can be safely  performed 2-3 days per week with minimal recovery time needed.

At any rate, you will burn a copious amount of calories in a shorter time, and feel quite exhausted by the end of the workout. Majority of my weight loss clients at  Somagenesis Fitness  are trained in this fashion. See the enclosed video for a scintillating demonstration of metabolic personal training.

To experience the Somagenesis approach to metabolic training visit our web site  or call 760-271-3064

Now enjoy the video, and please rate it, and or leave a comment below.

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