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Metabolic Diet Review

Posted Sep 12 2008 4:12pm

This is Part 1 in a 2 part series. For Part Two in our series of reviews of MD+ Click Here!

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Approximately 4 weeks ago I began incorporating Metabolic Diet Supplements (MD+) into my nutritional arsenal. My experience with the product has been most interesting and I wanted to report back to you, my readers, and fill you in on some interesting results.

Admittedly, 4 weeks is not a very long time to evaluate a line of sports supplements, especially when you are building muscle naturally as I am. However, based on my short term trial with the products, I can honestly say that MD+ is a product line you should strongly consider using if strength training and mass building is a goal of yours. Moreover, if better health and more energy is a goal of yours, I would strongly suggest trying Metabolic Diet.

Metabolic Diet offers a fairly complete line of products. No surprise, therefore, that I felt a bit overwhelmed at their web site. I just did not know what to try. I wanted to contact MD+ and consult with them before I placed my order. I informed them of my medical situation. I asked them what products they would suggest since they know their product line better than anyone. I chose to defer to their expertise. Ultimately, these five products were recommended.

Surprisingly, no protein was suggested. This struck me as odd, but I had made the decision to trust MD+ and use what they recommended. Since I knew I would need added protein, I asked them if I could use anything I wanted and they said I could combine any protein I wanted with their products. So, when their products arrived in the mail, I determined to combine their products with two protein sources: Muscle Milk (from CytoSport) and MLO (this is a fairly cheap, high calorie/protein supplement).

My concerns with this approach had to do with how to evaluate MD+. Any mass and strength gains I made over the course of one month would be much more difficult to analyze in terms of deciding which products were responsible for those gains. Thus, I determined to look for unique changes in my health and performance capabilities that I had not experienced before when using other products.

In other words, since I had used Muscle Milk and MLO by themselves in the past, I knew what to expect from those products. Specifically, those products did little more than help me maintain or add a small amount of mass to my frame. That is not a bad thing, per se, but far from being extraordinary, if you get my drift.

So, if by adding MD+ to my diet I added 6 inches in height (I am a whopping 5′6″ tall), I could safely attribute the change in my height to MD+. Make sense? Anyway, this was the best I was going to be able to do. So, I eagerly began training a month ago, using MD+ religiously. Little did I know at the time that I would be pleasantly surprised by my results.

It should be pointed out that when I began training a month ago I was essentially starting a program after an extended layoff from traditional Iron. In fact, I had been doing Combat Training exclusively for over 4 months. By that I mean I had only been doing chins, pushups, situps and cable training. I had not touched a weight in all that time. So, I was in relatively good shape. My body enjoyed the respite from the rigors of regular strength training. The question was would the extended layoff hurt me or help me? As it turns out, it helped. My body was hungry for traditional strength training. So was my mind.

As you can see from my entries in the Traditional Strength Training Log, I averaged 3-4 workouts per week. For my strength medium, I used IRONMASTER Quick-Lock Dumbbells exclusively. I chose to train no more than three major muscle groups per session, and usually just two. Abs, neck and forearms did not qualify as major muscle groups.

It should be noted that prior to using MD+ my health was good, all things considered. However, my energy wasn’t good. It never has been excellent. In a typical day I would experience drowsiness that was overwhelming. It has been like this for years. In fact, every since I can remember I was always experiencing profound drowsiness during the middle of the day. Even as a kid. This was really hard for me, because I would often fall asleep during class. It was really a challenge. Was it due to CF? My doctors seem to think so.

So imagine my surprise when, after being on MD+ for several days, I noticed that my energy levels were beginning to remain steady as a day progressed. In fact, after a few weeks, I noticed that my tendency to fall asleep at my desk was all but gone. And that’s not all. My hair started growing much faster.

Now you may laugh, but it’s true. I use to need a hair cut about once every 3 months. My hair just did not grow back after I got it cut. Once I got on the MD+ products, my hair got thicker and started growing much faster and I ended up needing a haircut in half the time I normally do. Also, my fingernails were growing much faster and were getting thicker, as were my toenails. I know you must be wondering what the heck this has to do with bodybuilding, but I find this physiological change is very interesting and the significance of it is not lost on me.

In essence, the MD+ products called Renew and Metabolic seem to have very powerful antioxidant capabilities, and the GHBoost and Testoboost seem to have powerful anti-aging components that slow down or, dare I say it, reverse the aging process. Clearly, something was happening to my body that has never happened before in the 30+ years I have been using supplements. Just these side health benefits alone have sold me on the power of MD+ products.

OK, so it would appear that MD+ makes my hair and nails grow. It also clearly normalizes my energy levels. But what about size and strength?

Well, I do not have much to report in the muscle size department. However, the mirror does tell a story. My body is thicker, though not as defined as I had hoped. Not yet at least. Chest, arms, shoulders, back and legs are definitely bigger, just not dramatically so. The the striations and definition is not there either. I need a few more weeks, maybe six, to be able to report more in terms of size gains and muscle definition.

In terms if strength and endurance there is a huge change.

I am able to grind out more reps with more weight at points within a set where I would typically reach failure and peter out. It’s as though I have more reserves than I use to have, and significantly so. Muscle pump is improved, but not yet where I want it to be. Again, I would like more time to honestly evaluate the products from a performance standpoint in this area.

From workout to workout, I am recovering more quickly. Muscles are harder, more firm. And guess what else? Injuries recover faster. Proof of this can be found in my right shoulder, which was injured nearly 8 months ago. The damn thing just would not heal, no matter how much rest I gave it. It was so bad that I was barely able to lift a can of soup on some days. Oddly enough, I could so pushups, but I could do nothing else. I could not even do bicep curls with 10 pounds. The pain was that profound.

After being on MD+ for one week, my right shoulder began to experience dramatic improvement in range of motion and reduction in pain. Mind you, for 8 months I had tried everything from Ibuprofin, to rest, to herbs etc. Now? Well, my right shoulder is fully mobile, 100% pain free. All of this after being on the products for only 4 weeks! Again, I am certain MD+ is the reason. I would bet my life on it!

Somehow, the growth rate in my hair and nails, the stabilized energy and accelerated recovery etc. - it’s all tied together. I cannot imagine being without MD+ from this point forward. God willing, I will be able to use it indefinitely.

In the next 1-2 months, I will add one or two MD+ products to my arsenal. I want to see how their protein/mass building products work. I will report back to you. In the mean time, if you are past the age of 30, you owe it to yourself to try this line of products.

In conclusion, I think I have found my fountain of youth. It’s Metabolic Diet!

Metabolic Diet banner_sm

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