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Meet report: AAU Worlds ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:01am
Meet report:

AAU Worlds in Orlando, FL
The good, the bad and the learning process...
Weigh in Thursday @ 195.5 (so far so good)
Turns out the 198's are competitive and some very good lifters are there (including a name I recognize from the records)
Squats: 1st - 474 (three whites), 2nd - 518 (three reds - just ran out of steam on the way up), 3rd - 518 (two whites)
Bench: 1st - 297 (three whites), 2nd - 318 (three reds), 3rd - 318 (three reds)
DL: 1st - 530 (three whites), 2nd - 573 (three whites, 3rd - 584 (three reds)
(5 for 9)
So: 518 - 297 - 573 = 1388 total

Placed Second in the Submaster Raw Full Power meet and 1st in the Submaster Raw Deadlift only

The Good:
A PR total, PR Squat, and PR DL (all meet PRs - which are different from gym PRs)
Came back to get my 518 squat on my 3rd attempt

The Bad:
Bench (nuff said)

The Learning Process:
Have to figure out how to eat during the meet - I am doing a piss poor job of fueling my body during the day
Timing is everything - timing eating, warm-ups, etc...
Peaking - the last four weeks before the meet were not ideal for a peak so I still need to actually peak for a meet

84 pounds to go to get Raw Elite - This will come primarily from continuing to increase my squat, actually hitting the bench press numbers I am capable of and working my DL a little.

All in all the meet was EXCELLENT - the AAU and the meet directors ran a great meet and the Disney complex was superb for the meet. 80 lifters and awards and all were done before 5 pm (lifting started at 9:30 am).

Now a few weeks of Z and Kenneth Jay's VO2 protocol - once a week squatting and I'll pick a PL meet in late spring.

Thanks for everyones support
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