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Maverick San Diego Personal Trainer says. “Diets just don’t work and never will!”

Posted Jan 03 2011 10:08pm

Time to wake up people! How much money do you plan to throw away in 2011, attempting to acquire the hail grail of weight loss success. Put your hard earned dollars away and listen up to the hard cold real truth. Its so simple if you follow these five rules:

1. Dieting never works. They never have and they never will be a long term solution. Choose a way of eating that supports weight management for the rest of your life. For example the Mediterranean of the Zone nutritional formats. These are some great healthy meal styles that are easy to live with.

2. Eat 3 small meals, and  every 4 hours and weave  in two small snacks to fire up your metabolism. Do this daily including your weekends.

3. Eat with intelligence, High carbohydrates in the morning  hours then  taper off  those bad boy carbs by 50% for your second meal then 80% for your third meal. That last meal of the day should be hardcore proteins with some green, yellow or orange vegetables. Any by the way you’ll sleep better when those carbs are minimized!

4. Pound down that water. Water will help peak your metabolism, and getting dehydrated due to lack of water, only hammers your metabolism into the ground. Keep it simple with a full 12 ounce of water with each meal.

5.  Don’t restrict your self of the foods you love. Just stop being a pig with those 4 slices of pizza or that Baskin Robbins Oreo Cookie shake. ( These bad boys each represent a minimum of 1200 calories. Yikes!)  Total restriction of food only promotes the feeling of deprivation. This will turn you into a obsessed maniac, leading to an all out  food binging frenzy.

6. And lastly. Get out there and burn calories through exercise. One hour three days per week will control weight gain and keep you youthful. Best of all exercise will help burn away calories and turbo charge your metabolism.  So you say you can’t do this on your own? Then reach out for a jump start. Check out the competent personal fitness trainers and nutritional experts at Somagenesis Health and Fitness.


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