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Maintaining your health and fitness during difficult times with physical fitness

Posted Oct 04 2009 10:01pm

Yes, the United States is in an economic funk. We are all feeling the ramifications of a crippled economy and job losses in the thousands. The media who creates a negative energy spin, but why allow your health to collapse too. This morning I turned on MSNBC only to hear how the obesity epidemic has grown exponentially worse during this economic recession.   Just look at Wall Street stock values down by 40-75% with the exception of  McDonald’s and the story unfolds. Tough times means ingesting crappy stress foods that are easy on the wallet. Is it any wonder that McDonalad’s is the only Bullish stock being traded!

OK , enough said. My philosophy as a fitness pro is why eliminate the one facet in your life that reduces stress’s, keeps you healthy and allows you to control your physical destiny when World economics rapes you of everything else you worked so hard for?  Why add insult to injury, get your act together, and resume or begin your daily exercise routines. In the end you will feel mentally and physically healthier. This will prepare you to better approach the intricate problems that surround you on a daily basis.

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