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Low Energy remedies for the lackluster Generation X, and Babyboomers

Posted Sep 24 2013 9:49pm

So your feeling tired and sleepy from the moment your alarm sounds. Well you’re not alone. Many 40  and 50-year-old suffer this plight on a daily basis. The bodys batteries are running down, and need a proper recharging.  Blame it on aging, or genetics, but still, there are solutions that are tried and true, and ACTUALLY WORK!! Give them a try and see for yourself!

1. Consume a high protein breakfast .  It is a well-known fact that consumed protein is converted to dopamine , which gives you an energy high. Eggs, meats, poultry and seafood will do the trick, also nuts!

But, forlorn the high carb oatmeal, pancakes and cereal which produce serotonin, will make you sleepy and lethargic in matter of hours.

2. Drink an  8 OZ glass of water when you first wake. Water will rev up your metabolism and make you feel alive. Your body dehydrates when you sleep, causing a drop in metabolism, so crank it back up with that 8 OZ of cool fresh water.

3. Exercise 20 minutes in the morning – Not enough for weight loss, but just enough to fire up the adrenals, to give you that caffeine like rush. Again, tried and true remedy.

4. Fire up the lights- Light will fire up your circadian rhythm , which excite your genes during this wake up call.

5. Avoid that darn snooze button – Those 5 minute bouts of sleep only create fragmented sleep which will make you more tired. Get discipline! Put your alarm clock far away from your reach.

6. Establish a wake up pattern Get up the same time each and every day including weekends. A routine for getting to sleep and waking up creates a healthy circadian rhythm and a more vibrant you!

7. Avoid caffeine drinks after 12:00 noon – Caffeine will give you the jitters, and delay your ability to fall asleep, and achieve the deeper levels of sound sleep.

8. Avoid too much wine at dinner – Wine cause make you drowsy, but will lead to premature waking in the middle of the night of early morning. Limit your wine intake to 1 glass in the evenings.

9. Cool down - Sleep studies have repeatedly shown that night-time room temperatures between 65F and 72F will accelerate your sleepiness, and keep you in deep sleep.

Changing your body, requires discipline changes in your overall lifestyle. This includes each of the eight points mentioned above. As a lifestyle coach and personal fitness trainer at Somagenesis Fitness, I can take you body to where it wants to be. Some lifestyle tweaks here and there, some great accountability, plus an  exercise regime par excellence that will transform your entire being. For more detailed information, or to meet me or a member of my team in person, go to  Remember! It’s never too late.

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