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LinShuHao aeration will not leave the knicks raptors four years forty million JieLin storm

Posted Jul 02 2012 6:14am
According to the ESPN reports, LinShuHao season may not have appeared in the New York knicks in terry, although both want to continue to cooperate, but difficult to chase to Nash's Toronto raptors likely with one of the big four years forty million contract "Lin storm" go ". cheap jordan shoes LinShuHao through the last season and a half after the stage performance, it has become the New York fans's pet, be a restricted free agent this summer he very wants to stay in the knicks. But ESPN senior reporter Chris bloom revealed the thaad, according to insiders news, if there are other teams for LinShuHao provide a contract in the third year and the fourth year reached salary offer, so New York is difficult to match.


This is because the new labor agreement will carry out more demanding the luxury tax system, and the new system will from 13-14 years started, the New York knicks salary case that they could no longer accept a salary never. This summer is the first objective of the raptors Steve Nash and provide a 3 year 36 million offer, but the latter more hope to join the New York, Dallas, or the nets, and the goal of the Toronto raptors to begin to turn LinShuHao.The raptors want to get crazy Lin, jordan retro shoes can be given a of the knicks, most "poison" special offer, that is in the first two years yearly salary of $5 million, and $15 million in the two years, this makes the New York is difficult to match. The knicks plan is to LinShuHao highest four-year, $24.5 million contract, there is no doubt that this quotation with raptors difficult to compare.

If the knicks decided to match the raptors offer, so in 2014-15 season, the team arena, Howard, Anthony, small book, and chandler's owed more than $14 million, just the four players will add up to more than $72 million salary the luxury tax. ESPN said, even if is a yearly salary of $four-year contract, and do not use two years after the 15 million weird scheme, the knicks also not afraid to match, so Lin crazy to go to Canada next season the possibility is very large.

In addition to the raptors, the mavericks and the nets to LinShuHao expressed interest in and, of course, they are all as the once get his plan. cheap jordan retro The end of the season, the knicks want through the free market to LinShuHao inspection of the value. So so far have not given quote contract, but now it seems the procrastination may let them eventually lose "Lin crazy".

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