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Level 2 ankle sprain. when can I return to Basketball?

Posted by douglas

Sprained ankle in January and again 2 weeks ago.  Weak ankles...when can I return to competition and will it possibly affect a possible knee injury or acl. ?  I am currently doing strengthening exercises and wear ASO ankle braces.
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Ankle sprains take time and attention to heal. Just as all human beings are unique, so too are all healing timelines.

Since you don't mention what sort of competition you are engaged in I can't really respond to that. Sorry.

The lower extremities absorbe the action of the body. When you artificially (or externally) stabilize the ankle (taping, bracing, high top shoes) the action of moving the body (walking, stepping, running) has to go elsewhere in the limb. When you stabilize the knee the action has to go somewhere else in the limb.

So "yes" it is possible to effect the knee and hip as a result of an ankle issue. Take your time and heal fully. Be patient.

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