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KettleBell Conclusions

Posted Mar 17 2010 2:25pm

Hey Gang!! Happy Hump Day! It’s all downhill to the weekend from here, right?

First of all, if you haven’t seen this post “ How Did I Get My Butt Kicked This Weekend? KETTLEBELLS!! ” then check that out first, cuz this post won’t make a bunch of sense unless you do.

*patiently waiting while you head over to check out the last post as instructed*

Okay, back now? Good!! (lol) Moving on!

Well, now that my KettleBell Training Adventure is behind me, the big question really becomes: Do I like them enough to keep training with them (and start training clients with them)?

Answers here

KBell Training Academy - Ajamu Bernard

Thanks again to Ajamu Bernard for a great, information and sweat-filled weekend. If you’re interested in KettleBell Training, make sure you grab his KettleBell Training DVD here.

Or register for one of Ajamu’s classes if you can make it to one of his training cities here: KBell Training Academy .

Canadian Kettlebells

And one more HUGE “Thank You” to the guys at Canadian Kettlebells for taking goooooooood care of me and swapping out my too-heavy 16kg kettlebell for 2 x 12kg kettlebells. I’m so excited to get started with these new kick-ass fitness tools!

Remember, if want to order some KettleBells for yourself or your clients, I’ve got the inside skinny with Canadian KettleBells and can get you a pretty sweet deal (psssst…. that means DISCOUNT) so get ahold of me here ( Contact Girlwithnoname ) and I’ll set you up.

That’s about it for today everyone. It’s so darn nice out, that I’ve just GOTTA find an excuse to get my butt outdoors today (hmmmm…. KettleBells in the courtyard perhaps? They ARE awfully portable…)

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day!

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