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Journey of the Tiger #7

Posted Feb 20 2010 9:15am

Hello everyone! Another week in the life of your favorite high-kickin’, poetry writing, music playing, personal training philosopher. This week has been super crazy, as the weather has beaten us up emotionally and physically. It’s been a really hard week for everyone…and I am no exception.

Monday started off kind of slow. It was a good workout, but I allowed to much stress to affect my focus. When you don’t block out all of the things that are on your mind, you can’t possibly reach your potential. If you do nothing else, you have make time for yourself everyday. Never rob yourself of that valuable time when you can just be who you are. If time you don’t take, then your mind will surely break.

Tuesday was fairly uneventful. I trained with my teacher, as per usual, and got hit a lot…as per usual. It was so much fun! I know this isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but I like it. It is a great stress reliever. Something else that I think is wonderful happened on Tuesday.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a good friend named Matt Jackson who is responsible for putting together local poetry slams. If you’ve never seen performance poetry, you really must have experience. It is a very intense and spiritual form of expression. I really enjoy listening to what everyone has to say. It’s one thing to have stories, but to put them together in such a way that reaches people of all walks of life, is truly an art form.

This time they were having an open mic night for both music and poetry. I, unfortunately wasn’t able to make it, however, it did spark me to pick up the ol’ guitar and dance across the strings. This coming Tuesday, after 15 years, I will be performing in front of an audience again. It really feels good to get back to my roots in music. They have been there my whole life. It’s kind of like talking to a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while. I can’t wait.

Wednesday felt great. I had a new direction, and the things that were bothering me before, couldn’t touch me. I had a great workout, and made an instructional kickboxing mini-video which will air soon on Facebook and this blog.

Thursday…I wanted to throw up! I ran some accelerated sprints with John Hayden from Acceleration Indiana. It was soooooo hard. You start off at a certain speed, and gradually increase by 4mph for 10 seconds, then hold that speed for another five seconds. This is all at inclines of ten and five percent. Talk about painful! It was so worth it. I felt great the next day.

Friday’s workout was stellar. I got back to my old workout self, and it felt great!

The nutrition has been going very well. I have been eating a lot of lean foods. The trade, however, has become beer…again. Luckily I have still been able to keep the consumption relatively low. My weight and body fat are down.

See you next week!

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