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Journey of the Tiger #6

Posted Feb 13 2010 8:18am

Yet another installment of the week’s events. This week, as I’m sure you might have noticed, has taken a different shape. The snow has been falling and the winds have been gusting. On top of all that, it has been freezing cold. Not the best week ever, unless you go to school, in which case you’ve had quite a nice little vacation.

I had a mini-vacation this week too…well.. maybe it was more like a mini-adventure. If you’ve read “Fork in the Road”, then I briefly touch on the beginning of the week. Yes, it’s true…truck trouble. One of the most helpless feelings in the world, comes from the problems that arise with our vehicle. It is easy to feel very defeated, and uncertain about what to do.

Well, after giving Ian a call for a ride, and just not worrying about it while I was at work, I decided to take Tuesday off to get this handled. So there I was, Tuesday–about noonish–waiting for my friend to come help me get my truck started, so I could have it fixed. I was not in the best of moods, as the blistering winds cut right through my soul. In point of fact, I was very angry and stand-offish. This is not a usual mood for me, and as a result, I become really unpleasant to be around. It’s nice to have a friend who accepts you at face value and weathers the storms with you.  Nonetheless, if I had paid a little more attention to my vehicle, it wouldn’t have come to this.

You see, sometimes we just live our lives at break-neck speeds. We are so caught up in the pace, that we forget to listen to what our vehicle is saying to us until it stops working. In the case of my truck, I needed to change battery, in the case of our bodies, we sometimes need to re-charge our batteries. Tuesday…I did both.

I came back Wednesday with a vengeance! I worked out in the morning instead of the afternoon as I had been doing. It felt good. All the usual suspects were there: the tire, TRX, the jump rope and also the long shoreman’s rope and heavy bag. Then, I had an idea. I sent one of my Kung Fu brothers a text. He was going to be off work at about 1:30, so I asked him if he could come in and do a little sparring. It was great! We did an MMA-style sparring session without pads. Oh man! Sparring is awesome, but when you both have enough control to fight bare knuckle, it is even more realistic and fun.

Thursday’s workout was pretty intense. John had me running on a slight incline for longer intervals. It was very taxing, but I felt good after I was finished.

Friday’s workout was good. I warmed up on the treadmill and hit the resistance hard. I was on another plane of existence–it was awesome!

The nutrition this week, was a little tough. There’s something about catching up with an old friend that lends itself to throwing back a couple of beers…and fried mushrooms, and some ungodly chocolate dessert with ice cream and chocolate sauce all over it. That was probably the biggest leap off of the straight and narrow nutrition path that I have this week. Luckily, by staying fairly faithful to my nutrition, it didn’t have too negative an effect on me.

In reality, staying on your nutrition plan is helpful way to keep your body burning a lot of calories, but you can “shock” your body by eating outside of your plan. Here’s how it works:

Your body grows and changes based on the fact that it gets “shocked”. When you alter something e.g. exercise, nutrition or rest, it has an effect on your body that causes it to work harder, hence it burns more calories. So the next time you want to spark that metabolism; change something—it will keep your vehicle running at top speed.

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