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Journey of the Tiger #4

Posted Jan 30 2010 5:28am

Hello to all my fitness friends. Week number four. Here’s how it went down:

Monday was pretty amazing. I ran for four minutes @ 10mph, which is 2/3 of a mile at a six minute mile pace. I have decided that from now on, Monday is going to be my day to do this, as I am stronger coming off an ample amount of rest from the weekend. Every time I do this, my goal is just to run for 10 seconds longer, it’s been a really good feeling to have increased the distance by 30 seconds more over the last two times. I know that it doesn’t necessarily mean that I will be able to do that every time, but at least I am starting to close in on that six minute mark. When I get past this goal, I’ve decided to work on a five minute mile. We’ll see what happens. One step at a time.

My Kung Fu workouts this week were really good, I am starting to pass through the material somewhat quickly. It doesn’t hurt that I already had a decent foundation to build on and, of course, that I have a great teacher. He really has an amazing ability to disseminate information. No matter how long it takes, he seems to touch on auditory, visual and sensory methods of teaching in a way that makes sense. I am very thankful.

This week, John and I had to do our speed workout on Tuesday. My calf was already sore from Monday’s run, but I pushed through. It was all about more incline super-sets. They are so difficult, but working that stretch reflex is a vital part to speed development. It was fun; I always love a good challenge, and taking it to failure is something I enjoy.

Wednesday’s resistance workout was off the charts. It was the tire, the hammer, kettlebells, dumbbells, the heavy bag, and the wall bag. I so much energy that day that it overflowed into my personal training. It was an amazing feeling! I have found, however, that it’s sometimes hard for others to be quite as elated about my energy. Don’t get me wrong, they love a good, hard workout, but when my energy peaks like that, it sometimes makes people a little apprehensive. It’s completely understandable. I have always had energy like this. It is definitely a gift, but it comes with a price. I have to reel it in and control it a little or it gets out of  hand. I don’t understand it one hundred percent, sometimes it’s just a huge wave that I ride, I just have to make sure that it doesn’t come crashing down in the wrong place.

I think, however, the workouts for clients and TRXers were well received. I love pushing people to their limits….at times.

Thursday was a great day because I worked on fluidity. I got some great cardio while working on my kickboxing skills. I HIGHLY suggest to all pugilists, enthusiasts or people who just want something different, to do a cardio session for 10 or 15 minutes in front of the mirror every morning. It is a great way to stoke that fat-burning machine, and it develops speed, timing and coordination.

Friday was a good workout, but what was even more important than that, is we had the first TRX Bowl. I thought that in the spirit of the Pro Bowl, I could get all of my superstars together for a great workout. I think that everyone enjoyed it. We used the football, ran through tires and around obstacles. It was something different that I think everyone needed. It was fun for me to be a part of it, and feed off the laughs and energy of people that are very important to me.

My nutrition is getting better and better. I am starting to shed some unwanted poundage. My body is getting leaner, and I really have everyone to thank for that. If it wasn’t for all of the good people around me giving motivation, I wouldn’t be pushing so hard. Thank you!

Stay tuned: I am going to start dropping posts and videos very soon, and in the middle of the week!

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