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Journey of the Tiger #3

Posted Jan 23 2010 9:12am

What up, what up? I am sitting here right now, and it’s Saturday morning. I am warming up the fingers and putting down the past week’s events, as I am listening to a playlist that I call, “Funky Tiger”. It has, of course, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Kottonmouth Kings and 311. Some of the lyrics are a little, “raw”, but the groove is undeniable. When you find that groove, you’ve gotta let it take you where it’s going to take you.Having said that, here’s the skinny on the journey for week 3.

After the last post, I decided to not do a Saturday traditional workout. I did do a little Kung Fu practice, but no super cardio session or ultimate resistance throwdown. I listened to my body and let it rest—that was the best thing I could’ve done. Monday was an outstanding workout. I got on the standard treadmill and ran at 10mph. Last Friday, I was able to do this for 3 minutes which is a half mile at a six minute mile pace. This time, I decided that I would try to just go for 10 extra seconds…I pushed it to 30 extra seconds. It felt great. I am just trying to close in on that 1 mile mark a little more each time. I am getting there…slowly but surely…I am getting there. I gather so much inspiration from all of the fantastic athletes that are around me, here at the club. It still amazes me how some people can run so fast for so long. I have really gained a greater respect for their abilities through attempting to incorporate some of their practices in my own regimen. Thank you!!!!!!!!

Tuesday was a good Kung Fu workout. As always, Sihing never lets me down. His technical prowess and ability to translate it effectively, are unmatched. I am really starting to break the rust off and tighten up that structure.

Wednesday’s workout was good, but I had to take down the intensity—just a little bit. The human body is an amazing machine, in fact, I believe it to be the greatest machine ever. But, like any machine, there must be a period in which it doesn’t run at it’s maximum performance level. If the machine is pushed too much, it begins to fall into a state of disrepair and ultimately; it shuts down. Knowing this is one thing, knowing this and making yourself take it down a notch or two is an entirely different matter. I try to approach this by realizing that no matter what I do, it’s all for the good of the goal I’m trying to reach. When you have to back down the intensity, you can use the time to enhance your performance by perfecting your technique. Even sitting here, right now with my hamstrings screaming, I am thinking about how to improve my form take certain skill sets to the next level.

Thursday was a breakthrough in my Wing Chun training. I finally sharpened the skills I needed to progress further into more intricate techniques.

Friday, I got back on the treadmill, and felt like I could push the mile pace again. I had a great workout, but again, felt that my legs needed to rest, so I only ran the pace for 1/3 of a mile. I then proceeded to do my resistance and plyo—this was all before Fun Friday Fitness Frenzy (a class I teach Friday mornings at 9:15, all people are welcome–hint, hint). Because of my legs feeling heavy, I was forced to workout in a non-typical way. This was great, but I still felt like I needed to do a little more. Now, here’s the lynch pin to the whole story; class began and I started putting people through some exercises. It was well received, and when we got to the point of focusing on the core a little bit more, I did the exercises with everyone else. This doesn’t seem like a big deal, but it pushed me to do something that I would have made excuses for, and found a way not to do it. But because I feel that my purpose in life is to help others, and that I have to practice what I preach, I knew that I needed to do that. This is why I am in a constant state of thankfulness to all of the people around me. As much as you all think that I help you; you help me that much more. If my purpose in life wasn’t to give all that I can, then I would just be a boat on dry land. You are all the great ocean that carries me to my destination and, in return, I hope to be that vessel that charts these vast waters. I owe you all so much. Thank you!

My eating is getting better and better. There were, however, a few minor mishaps. The great thing about staying the course is; when you wander a bit, it’s easier to get back on track. Again, I have to thank everyone for inspiring me to stay that course! Until we meet again my friends, keep moving forward!

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