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Is Your Cardio Really THAT Boring?

Posted Mar 16 2011 8:00am

On my foray into that commercial gym last week (have you seen this: RANT: Why Are Some People Such IDIOTS In The Gym? ) I saw something else that made me stop and scratch my head in bewilderment.

Listen, I know that some cardio is boring.Reading on a Treadmill

But so boring that you must read a magazine in the process? And therefore, let your workout suffer?

Can you really get your upper body working hard if you’re reading a magazine?

Um. No. You can’t.

So why is this gym now SUPPLYING magazines for it’s members to read on the cardio equipment?

And why are people still doing cardio they find THAT boring, when there are SO MANY other options available?

Are you on a mobile device? You probably can’t see the video, can you? If not, watch it on YouTube here

Keep your mind on your game.

If you’re so bored you have to resort to reading magazines, it’s time to change it up and go do something more interesting.

Things that spring immediately to mind include: HIIT (interval training), Weight Training SuperCircuits*, swimming, team sports like soccer

… heck, even playing with the dog is fun and interesting, and if you’re doing lots of running and chasing games you’re definitely getting a good cardio workout.

So, don’t tune out in the pages of some time-wasting gossip magazine.

Get the MOST out of your workout by keeping your head AND your upper body in the game.

You’re there anyway, right? You may as well get as much out of it as possible!!

*At a loss when it comes to those Weight Training SuperCircuits I mentioned?

Craig Ballantyne has everything you’re looking for in his .

It has great and effective Weight Training Circuit Routines especially designed to burn fat that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping, and keep you motivated and interested for a long time to come.

Take a look at it here ==>

Have a fit, fun and fantastic day.


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