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Is Exercising Legs that Important ?? If your answer is no, then better read on

Posted Feb 24 2010 12:00am

Personally, I hated to workout my legs until I realized the actual benefits that a simple set of leg squats could strong legs workout provide to my body. If you want to build muscle and burn fat in least amount of time, get serious about working your legs. As a matter of fact, I see the same people in my gym on the leg exercise machines, leg press machine, leg extensions, performing lunges ,squats and other leg exercises every week. But for every other muscle group, almost all people are performing them on a daily basis. There are the familiar faces of course, but there are almost no new people working on leg exercises. Its like the group of people working out legs belong to an exclusive club. Really few people care to work out their legs. And yet legs are 50% of your total body! You neglect your entire lower body because:

1.  You don”t like working legs

2. You don’t want bigger legs

3. Your legs are already big enough

4. You probably don’t know what the big benefits of leg workouts are.

But let’s assume… you perform legs workout, And without too much weight at all. Just sufficient to stimulate whole body and propelling it into new levels of growth. Do you believe that is possible?Believe me , it is . The first question that comes to the mind is: How can doing squats increase our whole body energy levels, increase our ability to perform all exercises efficiently? If you cannot increase weight in bicep curls, how can including legs workout into your exercising schedule help you break through those figures?

I’m going to reveal it right now, as you probably do not realize, that doing leg exercises means a lot more than simply growing bigger, more toned, or stronger legs. Have a quick thinking at it. Testosterone is the primary element in building muscle mass. So when you perform a heavy set of triceps pushes, body responds by producing greater levels of testosterone. Let’s just give it a figure, around 10% more for the day. But… let?s say you do a set of breathing squats at your full strength intensity,. You just boosted your testosterone production 100%. Do you think I?m exaggerating facts? Perform a short search on it and you will know the truth.

Coming back to the main topic. Working out legs is not an option. It is something necessary. In case you don’t want bigger leg muscles, its just fine. Don’t use any heavy weights that are even a little beyond your normal intensity. Don’t overload your legs. Just stimulate your metabolism, and stimulate your body’s testosterone levels. In case you don’t like leg exercises at all, just try to get over it. The truth is, by including leg exercises into your workout, you are going to see more gains in 1 month than many people do in 2 months. Do not just take my word for it. Look around in your gym or health club? The guys with a huge upper body and tiny chopstick legs. Do you want yourself to look similar to them? Who are the guys in your gym that you really want to look like? Who are the women that you most want to look similar to ? I can assure you those people do legs and therefore have much attractive looks.

Any good physique does leg workouts regularly.  So that’s why working your legs is really very important. Stop giving yourself funny excuses for not doing legs exercises. You do not need to train to failure or maximum intensity, where you can barely walk. You don’t need to squat 500 lbs. You simply need to train the 50% of your body that pretty much 80% of everybody neglects and does not do. Next time you are in the gym take a good look around. Notice the leg exercising equipment. Notice almost the same people using those equipment week after week. Become one of the leanest individuals at your gym that trains legs and discover the hidden secret to growth of complete body muscles at the fastest rate.Most of your friends who started with you and do not do leg exercises, they are going to lag far behind you in a matter of months if you continue diligently.

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